Benefits of Applicant Tracking System | Netchex HCM Software
November 25, 2013

An applicant tracking system is a software package which helps organizations track applicants more effectively through the recruitment and hiring process. These systems allow you to replace the spreadsheets and databases you are currently using with a central data source which creates a more streamlined process overall. A basic system typically allows you to create requisitions, post job openings to the internet, screen resumes, and send interview requests to candidates via email. More expansive systems include automated resume/candidate ranking, customized forms, pre-screening questions, email auto-responders, and reporting features. It is even possible to use these systems for background checks, testing, Human Resources documentation, and performance management. Below are just a few of the benefits of purchasing an applicant tracking system for your business.

Improving the quality of your new hires.

Having an applicant tracking system means that you have tools at your disposal to post, process, and fill job openings faster. Furthermore, you have the ability to set metrics within the system that will screen out resumes not meeting the qualifications of the job you are looking to fill. With fewer hours spent on entering data and reading resumes, your Human Resources staff will have more time to focus on strategies for finding the very best talent available.

Saving your company money.

The online job boards and career sites your company can easily post openings to through an applicant tracking system have greatly increased the channels your company can use to recruit, while decreasing the average cost per hire.

Insuring your company’s compliance with hiring laws.

An applicant tracking system gives you the opportunity to create a legally defensible, scalable, and consistent hiring process that can protect your government contracts and reduce your exposure to lawsuits.

In summary, an applicant tracking system can save your business time and money while improving the quality of your future hires.

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