Attracting Great Employees on a Budget | Netchex HCM Software
November 26, 2014

Regardless of if your company is brand new or well-established, it is natural to want to recruit and hire the very best employees possible. However, for a fledgling company, it may seem impossible to find the talent you are looking for on your fixed startup budget. If this situation sounds familiar to you, read on for some tips on persuading top candidates to join your team.

First, demonstrate to those you interview that if they come to your company, they will be presented with challenging and rewarding work. Tell them all about your personal goals for bettering society through your products. Share with them the challenges you see for your organization as it grows, and how you feel they can help you meet those challenges. Provide them with some likely scenarios they will be facing in the office to give them a glimpse of what daily life at your company will be like.

Next, be very clear about where you see your company going in the future. Tell them about your investors, your plans for growth, and where you see your company heading over the next decade. Demonstrate what you know and understand about your customer base. Tell them all of the reasons why the product you offer is superior to your competitors in the marketplace. Essentially, you want to help to reassure them that your company has stability, and that employee dedication will be rewarded over time.

Offer employee benefits that will be extremely attractive to potential hires while requiring little monetary investment on your part. For example, the ability to work from home, flexible work hours, paid time off, free lunches once a month, casual Fridays, and subsidized parking are all wonderful perks that could persuade an employee to choose your company.

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