The Benefits of Payroll Away From Your Desk | Netchex
April 17, 2014

Is your current payroll system only accessible from a work computer? Is the software you are using for your payroll services out of date and/or slowing down your computer? Do you feel like your desk is covered in paperwork pertaining to payroll services with no end in sight? Do you find yourself having to update employee data in multiple places instead of in one central database? If you answered yes to any of these questions, moving to an online payroll system through a payroll services company may be for you.

With online payroll services, you can manage payroll in real time from any computer with internet access and a current Web browser. The paperwork covering your desk, the software slowing down your computer, and the need to update employee information in multiple places will be things of the past. Best of all, online payroll services are designed to be easy to navigate for computer users of all levels. If you do find yourself stuck, payroll services companies offer customer support that is just a phone call away. Below are just a few of the additional benefits of switching to any online payroll system.

Guaranteed Security

Online payroll services companies use the very best up-to-date internet security features to protect your data from outsiders.

More Control

Online payroll services allows you to set up and maintain employee records, input and update payroll hours and amounts, cut manual checks, and more, all at your convenience due to the 24/7 accessibility. If you choose, you can also use the system to handle employee benefits, taxes, and 401(k) management.

Real Time Reporting

Online payroll services allow you to run reports on data you have just entered immediately. You can quickly capture data such as employee check histories, workers’ compensation reports, department summaries, leave accrual reports, fiscal year summaries, and more.

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