The Benefits of a Self-Service HR Portal | Netchex HCM Software
March 6, 2014

If you have decided to outsource your payroll, you may be concerned about how this will impact the ability of your employees to obtain information about their employee benefits and have their questions answered in a timely fashion. One way to alleviate this concern is to seek out a payroll company which offers an employee benefits portal. This is a secure website which allows your employees access to their benefits details, company information, and educational content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are many benefits to choosing a service which provides a self-service portal.

First, the self-service portal helps employees access valuable information anytime. For example, if an employee falls ill in the middle of the night, she can use the portal to determine if the closest urgent care center or hospital is covered by her health insurance. Or, if an employee is paying bills over the weekend and realizes he needs a flexible spending reimbursement form for a prescription he just picked up, he can easily access the portal and print it out. It can also make the process of renewing benefits from year to year a quick and easy experience for everyone.

Additionally, as an employer, you can be assured that implementing this system is making your business more efficient. First, it is environmentally friendly as the thick employee benefits booklets you printed previously will no longer be needed. Next, by streamlining the benefits process you will be freeing up time for your Human Resources staff to focus more on the recruitment and retention of your employees. Finally, you can be assured that all of your employees are receiving consistent and accurate information about their benefits and health. Ultimately, your investment in their wellbeing will be rewarded with higher morale and decreased absenteeism.

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