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Our exclusive Broker Dashboard is just one example of how we make our benefits brokers invaluable to their clients all year-round. See real-time information at a glance about your clients’ plans and processes, and run full reports at the click of a button. Having instant access to benefits and spend data allows you to create a competitive advantage to win the accounts that didn’t go your way last year – or puts a protective barrier around the clients that you have worked hard to develop.

  • Pull a census report at any time to shop new rates without relying on your clients to provide it
  • Easily plan your ACA Safe Harbor recommendations, based upon scenarios using your clients’ actual W2, Rate of Pay or FPL information.
  • Evaluate Measurement Period recommendations based upon actual FTE count, and quickly identify which part-time employees have averaged more than 30 hours.
  • Provide your HR contact with a simple report of which employees have not completed their open or initial enrollment process.
  • Develop a C-level message with a precise accounting of Benefit Spend and ways to manage one of their largest line item expenses.
  • Automate communication of benefits elections to the carrier, regardless of company size.
Ensure your business is ready for the new world of brokerage with instant access to client data:
Keep Your Clients Compliant with the Affordable Care Act

With all of the noise around ACA – from 1095s to “look back” periods to affordability and minimum coverage – there is a lot required of your clients. Netchex is making ACA management simple. Your clients can get back to running their business, and you can go win more new clients. Netchex is a single-source environment and makes 1094 and 1095 reporting simple and automatic. Administer benefits, track hours, run payroll, and manage compliance ALL from the same login.

ACA Tools Checklist
  • Form 1095
  • Measurement Periods & Eligibility Management
  • Full-time Equivalent & Applicable Large Employer
  • Employer Status Tracking
  • Insurance Offer Afforability Tracking
  • W-2 Reporting of Aggregate Cost of Benefits
  • Notice of Exchange
Determine Eligibility
Adhere to ACA requirements and offer coverage to the right employees at the right time. Insert your parameters into Netchex and we’ll determine employee status and benefits eligibility for you.


Stay Up-To-Date
Netchex library of resources includes articles, infographics, papers, and guides that break down the complexities of the Affordable Care Act.


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Join our Netbroker Dashboard Training for live training on how to use the NetBroker Dashboard to collect and handle client data easily and efficiently. Plus, you’ll learn how to use the data and reports in the dashboard to provide service to your clients all year long.

We know you move quickly. Use this bi-weekly meeting to get your questions answered live, by one of our broker support experts.

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Protect, Maintain, and Grow Your Business

Netchex NetBroker partnership is tailor made for you. Our Netbroker program gives you the tools and the tips to expand your business and protect yourself from new competitors who may be trying to steal your business. We want to give our clients the best of both worlds, excellent technology and personalized, local benefits support. We don’t compete with brokers, and we don’t want your book. We give you the technology to expand your offerings and improve your service, and the support to feel confident talking about payroll.

Technology Tailored For Your Success
Our Netbroker program is designed to help you meet your growth goals. From co-branded materials to personalized strategy and dedicated broker support, Netchex is here to help you meet your goals. Upload your logo to request co-branded materials here.




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