Cleargistix - Netchex

Cleargistix & Netchex

 Cleargistix is helping re-engineer the administrative business processes in the oilfield, starting with eliminating paper service tickets. Clearegistix’s Digitall Field Ticketing solution allows oilfield companies to digitally capture and route a wide array of data in the field. 

Netchex supports an API to deliver an employee sync and pay rates to ensure the data integrity of both systems. 

Cleargistix & Netchex

Paperless Ticket

  • Digitize tickets for cleaner, more efficient process 

Seamless to Payroll

  • Labor/Work orders are routed to payroll for simple execution 

Reconcile Billing Hours vs Payroll Hours

  • Combine real-time payroll and billing data for easy reconciliation 

How it works 

Make your hire within Netchex and transferred to Cleargistix via APIs 

  • Employees are ready to work 

Manage all Payroll/HR processes 

  • Digitized service tickets are routed to payroll 

General Ledger file creation 

  • Formatted GL file eliminates journal entries 

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