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Connect Client Conversion Documents

All Documents Below Will Be Discussed On The Implementation Kickoff Call

Netchex Conversion Analysis

This Analysis Document Will Collect Basic Company Set Up Guidelines Like Earnings, Deductions and Department Information For a Conversion to Netchex.

Tax Form 8821

This form allows us to inspect and/or receive your confidential information verbally or in writing for the type of tax and the years or periods listed on the form.

Netchex User Access Request

A Form is Needed for Each Person Needing Admin Access Into Netchex System.

Netchex Signature Sheet AND Agreement

You can sign, scan email back or mail these forms back to Netchex at 1155 Highway 190 East Service Road Suite 2 Covington, LA 70433 – This Is The Signature That Will Be Impressed Upon Each Payroll Check and Tax Agency Power Of Attorney Prepared For You.

Netchex Time and Attendance Survey

This Survey Outlines Your Time and Attendance Policies for Regular Employees or for Those Employees with Special Shift Payment Requirements.

NetGuide/NetRecruiter Survey

This Information Will Help Netchex Streamline Your Hiring and Onboarding Processes.

NetBenefits Setup Questionnaire

This Questionnaire Will Allow You to Outline Each of the Benefit Plans That Need to be Built in Netchex. There is a Tab for Each Different Type of Plan at the Bottom of the Spreadsheet.

NetCOBRA Setup Questionnaire

Netchex Employee Masterfile Data Template

Information for ALL Employees Paid During Current Calendar Year – Review Key Details Tab On Spreadsheet Before Filling In – Need In Excel Format – Will Be Directly Imported Into Netchex.

Netchex Balance Import File Template

Provide Last Set of Payroll Balances by Quarter – Need In Excel Format – Will Be Directly Imported Into Netchex.

Provide 2 Months Proof of Direct Deposit History

Along with the Direct Deposti Import Spreadsheet

Provide Accrual Policy

If Applicable – Examples: PTO, Sick, Vacation

Provide Copy of Most Recent Quarterly Tax Report Packets. Should Include (941, State Account, State Suta Account and Rate)
Provide Recent Payroll Register

Showing Employee Gross To Net

Are you aware of the new (ACA) Affordable Care Act compliance requirements?
Do you have over 50 full time equivalent employees?
Do you have a self funded plan?

ACA Check History Import Template

For Groups With More Than 50 Full Time Employee Equivalents.

ACA 1095C Detail Import Template

You Will Be Responsible For Using The Provided Spreadsheet To Upload The Monthly Detail Netchex Will Use To Generate And File The 1095C Forms On Your Behalf – Applicable Large Employers Are Required To Generate 1095C Forms For Each Full Time Employee – Ask About Ease Of Using NetBenefits In The Future.