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February 28, 2013

We get it. Conferences can be a financial and staffing burden for managers. Not only will valuable employees be out of the office for at least a day, but the company will most likely have to foot the bill. How can managers be sure there’s an overall value worth the time and money?

We’ve taken the time to outline the specific reasons why Netconnect is guaranteed to make you a more efficient, inspired and valuable employee. Using these talking points, you’ll be able to show your supervisor that approving your request to attend Netconnect is the right choice.

In-depth training

Netconnect 2013 is focusing on delivering hours of training on the tool you use every day to complete your job. By attending Netconnect, you’ll learn best practices, tips and shortcuts to make you a more efficient and capable employee. Not only is Netconnect diving into the classic features you know and love, but we’re also giving complete views into the new product releases slated to be delivered this year. This training is essential in order to keep you on top of your game. This is a one-of-a-kind learning experience you can’t get anywhere else. Not to mention, you’ll be able to meet the team behind the payroll – the people who handle your company’s money and resources every week. Those are good people to know – your boss can agree with that!

Value-based pricing

The main thing to note here is that Netconnect 2013’s fee is about HALF as much as the national average for conferences and tradeshows of the same length. For a very reasonable $350 fee, you’re receiving training, CE credits, expert-led discussions, all food and drinks and a private concert (concert not necessarily a bonus for the company, but happy employees make a happy workplace!) Plus, we’ve packed all of Netconnect’s education, inspiration and entertainment into one full day. That means you’re only out of the office for 8 hours (plus any travel time that might be incurred.) The conference is held in the Westin hotel, and the night events are located nearby, so travel costs once in New Orleans are minimal. Any way you slice it, Netconnect is a bargain!

Expert speakers and CE accreditation

Everyone is talking about Health care reform, but how many people actually know the full extent of the changes? Our Health Care Reform seminar speaker is an expert on the topic. Stacy Barrow is a national labor and employee benefits attorney who serves on the Health Care Reform Task Force for Proskauer and regularly leads thought-provoking discussions on the subject. You’ll get key information to help keep your company on top of the windfall of changes being implemented in the coming years. Also, Adrian Gostick, our keynote speaker, is a nationally recognized leadership and motivation expert. Gostick will inspire attendees to reach their maximum productivity and engagement. Don’t forget – these classes are CE accredited, so there’s an added value of helping you reach your required hours to maintain professional certification.

It’s an investment in you

In order to get the best results from a staff, managers need to invest in their employees to further the development of their skills and knowledge. Giving employees an opportunity to learn and grow keeps them motivated, inspired and happy. Sending you to Netconnect sends a message that your company and manager value you and your contribution to your organization. We hope these points help you show your supervisors the incredible value of Netconnect 2013.

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