Effective Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is greatly important everywhere your life. However, it is particularly important in the business world, where a misunderstanding between you and your employees could cost your company valuable time and money. The following tips can help you as a supervisor communicate more effectively with your employees.

Listen carefully.

This tip may seem obvious, but it is actually something that can be challenging to do. There are many distractions in the workplace which can hold you back from fully focusing on the person speaking to you. When possible, shut your office door and set your phone to go straight to voicemail so the person speaking to you has your undivided attention.
Take action when needed. If an employee comes to you with an issue that needs to be corrected, follow up on that issue as soon as possible. Also let your employee know the issue has been dealt with, so they can be assured you value their input.

Ask clarifying questions.

There is no shame in admitting when you don’t understand something. You should always feel free to ask questions if you need more information to fully comprehend the issue you are being presented with.

Make your meetings count.

Meeting are a great time to receive feedback from your employees on important company issues. To make the most of yours, you should make sure to have a set agenda which you stick to, encourage everyone in the meeting to participate with their ideas, and have an assigned note taker to keep minutes of the meeting and record the thoughts generated.

Think about what mode of communication will most clearly communicate your ideas.

While face-to-face communication is preferable for a personal touch, if you have a complex set of ideas or a long list of deadlines to send out to all employees, sending an e-mail is way more practical.