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360-degree Integration
Combine your expertise with Netchex’s technology to put all of your clients’ data at your fingertips and give you the advantage needed to be successful. A NetAdvisor partnership makes retirement plan administration easier. We offer 360-degree integration which means data can seamlessly flow into your 401(k) plan for an intelligent, fully integrated solution.
Benefits of Being a Netchex NetAdvisor
Partnering with Netchex has proven to be a smart, strategic venture for our current associates. Advantages include:
• Protection and retention of your current client base
• Automated client compliance & filings
• Visibility into client data to prevent outdated data
• Added-value strengthens client relationships
Case Study: Josh Gomez, TransAmerica Wholesaler
Josh’s advisors are winning new business and protecting their current client base with Netchex’s integrated 401(k) payroll solution. The 360-dgree integration allowed Josh’s advisors to access plan information from anywhere, track participant changes all the way through to payroll, and stay compliant with ongoing census data.
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