Top List of Biggest HR Challenges | Nethex HCM Software
August 15, 2017

The HR doc is in, and we’re addressing common stressors that raise blood pressure levels, tie stomachs into knots, and result in pounding headaches for Human Resources personnel.
Depending on who you ask, there may be some debate on the biggest HR challenges. No surprise however, these issues tend to top the list.


Hands-down. This is one dull ache that many in HR are just resigned to live with. But you don’t have to. While there’s no magic elixir to eliminate the mundane requirements and minute details (that increase regularly), prescribed payroll solutions and exercises in workflow management, online form submission with fail-safe required fields, and interconnected systems that avoid duplication, make it oh-so tolerable. In fact, utilizing deadline reminders, missing info alerts, and communication updates so you’re always in the know, can make it feel as though your compliance woes never even existed.


Whether requested for compliance, budgeting, corporate initiatives, or merely for upper management’s masochistic delight, HR reporting may be linked to the increased profitability of mental health workers. (Just a guess.) One thing we’re sure of though, it will drive you nuts.

From FTE to ACA, FLSA to EEO, and industry specific IRS must-haves, data mining and organization has most HR professionals running feverishly through the streets in search of their last ounce of sanity. And that’s on a good day.

Venting to coworkers on a communal lounge couch may give you some relief, though the only way to overcome the manic panic is through HR integrated therapies. Typically, an HCM solution that combines payroll, time, and benefits services, and automates scheduled data mining from each source will provide the much-needed cerebral respite. No work. No worries. And, templated designs with point & click customization make it attractive and presentation-ready. So, fear not. There’s a pretty positive outlook for those suffering from HR reporting.


How misleading. A term used to describe advantageous policies, typically medical in nature (the irony), which ends up causing throbbing headaches and an acute state of confusion amongst employees. The rapid spread of these symptoms throughout a workplace during open-enrollment suggests that it’s infectious in nature and must be contained.

Individualized care through an online managed benefits platform will recognize employees by their login, display only the policies they qualify for, and provide step-by-step enrollment instructions for timely, complete registration. Plus, FAQs at their fingertips and policy provider information results in fewer visits to the HR Department for routine questions. Complete comprehension of individual and family benefits plans for clear headed, focused decision-making.

As the hub of an organization, Human Resources is highly susceptible to communicable maladies that plague corporate culture. While these are just a few of the challenges that can weaken an HR Department and render progressive operations immobile, intelligent HCM solutions can reverse the affects.

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