5 Mistakes People Make at the Company Event | Netchex
December 14, 2017

The company holiday party may be just around the corner. From semi-formal affairs, to the more low-key dinner and drinks after work, holiday parties are an engaging and enjoyable way for employers to show their appreciation this time of year.

For some however, the company gatherings end up being a regrettable experience. Their indulgence gets the better of them, and their lack of good judgement runs amuck. To avoid falling into this category, check out our tips for what not to do at the company holiday party.

Holiday Party No Nos

1. Gossiping

There’s a big difference between making small talk and salacious chit chat that can cause problems down the line. While you’ll want to mingle with peers and coworkers from other departments, make sure you keep the topics light and avoid the whisperings and sensational hearsay that may make you sound interesting in the moment, but wreak havoc on an otherwise cohesive team.

2. Posting

Think before pressing send or post. Social networking makes getting into trouble that much easier, and the last thing you need is to explain unemployment due to viral media. Avoid posting embarrassing photos or video to your social profile taken at the holiday party without proper permission. One share is all it takes to make the rounds and put you out of a job.

3. Eating & Drinking

Avoid having one too many, and that goes for both cocktails and the gourmet hors d’oeuvres. Don’t get too comfortable at the buffet or open bar and appear gluttonous in the eyes of your colleagues. You may be accustomed to double dipping in front of the TV, but at a corporate event decorum and character are at stake. Everything in moderation.

4. Dressing

Dress for success doesn’t only apply to the office, it applies to office events. While you may be tempted to wear that trendy number all of your besties drooled over, or those sick threads that made a statement at the bachelor’s party, make sure it’s appropriate for this particular occasion.

5. Overextending

If the invitation says “Plus one,” make sure it’s only one. Never show up at a corporate event with your entourage in tow. If you’re having a party after work, refrain from inviting friends to meet you at the venue. Don’t be that guy! It doesn’t matter if they know so-and-so from your office, if they’re not on the list or expected at the party, you’re crashes will cause more than just heads to turn, they’ll cause you to be ostracized for your impropriety.

One thing you should do at your company party is to seek out your host, or the staff who worked hard to plan the event before the affair comes to an end. Thank them for the invitation, and compliment them on their efforts. A memorable holiday event in a company doesn’t have to end at the expense of yourself or another. It should be a fun-filled occasion that is talked about in a positive light for weeks to come. Stay mindful of these simple tips and enjoy this light-hearted time with your team.

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