How to Improve Employee Engagement?| Netchex HCM Software
January 12, 2017

Today’s businesses are facing the most competitive recruiting marketplace since the .com bubble bursting. As Gen-Zers / post-millennials enter the workforce and look for a new “conventional” workplace – one with innovation, independence, and engrained in technology – companies are embracing collaborative tools and employee engagement capabilities to help recruit and retain top talent.

In addition to incoming recent college grads, senior staff and steadfast employees are also welcoming the accessibility of online and connected processes that replace manual and antiquated systems – provided they are easily adapted and offer seamless integration with tried and true methodologies.

At Netchex, we recognize that this liberating mentality of independence and corporate collaboration is quickly becoming the new norm in business – in particular, the business of HR. That is precisely why we create and innovate every HR solution – keeping user-friendly and employee engagement top of mind.

Increase Employee Engagement through Savvy HCM

  • Payroll: Because it’s more than just a pay stub. Empower employees with the ease and accessibility of viewing and modifying payroll information online. Give them the freedom to alter direct deposit and deductions, view statement history, check earnings to date, and let accurate and archived data drive credit inquiries, significant purchases, and life changing decisions.
  • Human Resources: Ditch the paper pileup with dynamic forms, pre-populated fields, and electronic signatures and let your team complete and submit required documentation online at their convenience. From onboarding to retirement savings, employees can manage complete HR functions anytime, anywhere. With secure, accessible employee data at their fingertips, your staff can view, change, and manage profile information, review handbooks, and training videos, request time off, and check the status of inquiries. With workflows alerts and reminders, tasks can be expedited and completed on time.
  • Benefits: When you create an innovative solution that lets employees navigate the complex world of medical benefits everyone wins. Benefits administration is one of the most time-consuming responsibilities HR professionals are tasked with. Simplifying open enrollment with step-by-step point and click selections. Let employees manage their own coverage and view, modify or elect benefits from available plans, obtain information about selected coverage online, manage profile information for those on the plan, and get the latest news or changes to policies.
  • Recruiting: Keep departments in the loop. Hiring is no longer just the function of HR. Hiring managers from within the company and other team members have a stake in the decision-making. When companies use collaborative tools to pre-qualify candidates, schedule interviews, provide online assessment and feedback from interviewees and candidate scoring, all stakeholders can be on the same page.
  • Time and Attendance: A better way to clock in. With online scheduling and up to the minute data, punching in and out has never been easier. Today’s mobile workforce not only appreciates but expects the accessibility of sophisticated technology. With a host of innovative time tracking capabilities from any connected device, both full and part-time staff can keep track of their own hours. Managers can access real-time rosters and forecast staff and budgets through historical data, employees can view and change their schedules, and information is pushed directly into payroll for complete accuracy.

Netchex’s complete suite of solutions offers HR innovation that streamlines workloads and engages employees in every facet of HR management. Watch our video on employee empowerment, and see our technology in action. Contact us to learn how our award-winning products and services are changing the way companies approach HCM.

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