Netchex Hiring Software Company Hosts First Client Conference

For months, Netchex has been emailing, blogging and talking about our first client conference – a conference we promised would be like no other.

On June 5, we delivered on that promise. Netconnect 2012 was a smashing success, and the rave reviews continue to pour in. Our attendees loved our truly first-rate educational seminars, a fantastic keynote speech by Saints Coach Sean Payton and the phenomenal concert by Better than Ezra to top it all off.

“I learned something in each session, which is what it’s all about,” said Renee Bossier Hymel. “Sean Payton was awesome, and Better than Ezra rocked the house. It was a fantastic day!”

While the three highlights definitely stood out for our attendees, there were many details in between the main events that made our client conference so special.

From the gift bags to the menu to the venue, Netconnect 2012 was a first-class experience. With fun, interactive contests throughout the day – and three huge giveaways – attendees were constantly engaged and entertained. King cake snack breaks and a premium happy hour also helped make sure our clients always had a smile on their face.

“I’ve been to quite a few conferences, and this was by far the best one I have ever attended!” said Cheryl Walker Hardouin, of NOLA Restaurant Group, LLC.

Most importantly, clients were able to shake hands and chat with the Netchex representatives who for years, they’ve known only by their voice. This was a highlight for many attendees, who said they were thrilled to finally meet the person who they talk to nearly every week.

“The best part was getting to know the people who work for Netchex and putting a face with a name,” said Lisa Rogers, of Quality Filters, Inc. “They made me feel like I was important to them.”

Meeting our Netchex employees ranked higher than meeting Sean Payton for attendee Denise Billodeaux, as well.

“Meeting everyone that I’ve spoken to on the phone for the last three and a half years was my favorite part of the conference,” said Billodeaux, of Management Seven, LLC. “That, and seeing what is on the horizon for Netchex.”

What’s on the horizon is a host of new features that directly respond to clients’ biggest needs. Netchex CEO Will Boudreaux delivered a high-energy (and surprising!) presentation to a packed audience, outlining exactly what our clients can expect from us in the coming months.

There’s much to be said about the fantastic lunch presentation, but we’ll just let our video recap speak for itself. To view our Netchex 2.0 presentation, click here –!videos/cob8

After all of the action of Netconnect 2012 came to a close, many attendees said there was just one problem – we’ll never be able to top it!

Want to bet?

“Netconnect was a real momentum boost for our associates as well as our clients. It was great to share the direction of Netchex with our valued clients, provide them with a phenomenal day of education and entertainment, as well as allow both our employees and clients a venue to meet and build on their relationships,” Boudreaux said. “We are excited about building on this momentum for next year’s conference.”

Here’s to an even bigger and better Netconnect 2013!

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