Netchex reached a monumental landmark this month when we released our mobile app, a development guaranteed to change the way our customers handle their payroll.

NetApp manages many of the same processes as our full Netchex application, giving our clients the ability to perform the essential functions of their job while away from the office. Employees who use the app will also be able to check vital data related to their pay and contact information from wherever they are.

“I am pleased to see Netchex continue to lead in web technology options for our clients related to payroll processing,” said Netchex CEO Will Boudreaux. “The app is just one example of the strides we continue to make in providing flexible and easy to use tools to manage critical payroll and human resource functions.”

On an administrator level, NetApp users can manage updates like pay changes, withholding amounts and deductions. They can edit employees’ data on a range of fields and view their paychecks, along with accessing payroll reports for liability and history. Finally, the integrated calendar keeps users on task with employee birthdays, anniversaries, and performance reviews available to whenever they need it.

On an employee level, users can check the details of each payroll and their pay history, update their emergency contact information and request time-off while on the go.

The development of NetApp was accomplished through months of tedious hard work by a team of dedicated Netchex employees, Boudreaux said. But every laborious minute was worth it to have a mobile app available for Netchex’s valued clients, Boudreaux said.

“Our commitment to both mobile technology and tablet computing is strong, and this is just the beginning of our results,” Boudreaux said. “Over the next year, you will continue to see improvements and new solutions for both of these platforms.”