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NEW ORLEANS, LA, April 1, 2020 – Netchex, a local payroll and HR services company, has announced a significant update to their system that gives clients the ability to institute, track, and remain compliant with the new laws recently enacted as part of the Federal Government’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Signed into law on March 18, one of the most significant pieces of the new legislation is the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act (EFMLEA), which requires employers with under 500 employees to provide sick leave and paid family medical leave to eligible employees impacted by Coronavirus.

The EFMLEA goes into effect April 1, so employers needed a solution immediately. Working on an expedited timeline, the Netchex team was able to deliver the Netchex Response Center, an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive update to their system that is available to their clients immediately.

Netchex’s EFMLEA and Paid Sick Leave Tracking through the Response Center allows businesses to track, calculate, and pay emergency leave wages in just a few steps.

  • Simply enter the dates of leave for impacted employees and the Netchex system will take care of the rest.
  • Calculate daily hours, regular rates, and the available balance of leave to be taken to ensure all new federal regulations are followed properly and tracked correctly.
  • The payroll process will automatically populate hours and amounts of leave for each employee under the specified earnings code, as well as apply the daily caps as outlined by the new law.
  • Using payment history from earning codes, Netchex is also able to track all eligible tax credits related to the Federal legislation.

“At Netchex, we have always been committed to keeping our clients informed and in compliance with any new federal legislation,” says Will Boudreaux, Netchex CEO. “During these incredibly uncertain times, our software can help business owners keep up with ever-changing regulations with just a few clicks of a button.”

“Since these new rules are so important to businesses and their employees now during this uncertain time, we knew we had to respond quickly. I am immensely proud of our development team—and the company as a whole—for all their hard work rolling out this vital update,” adds Alan Wust, Chief Technology Officer at Netchex.

Additional tools and services offered by Netchex can also help businesses functioning & compliant during this uncharted time, include: an HR support center, employee self-service, virtual benefits enrollment, digital task management, and paycards—all backed by in-depth analytics and reporting, as well as award-winning customer service.

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