Reasons to Have One Integrated Platform for Payroll and HR
November 19, 2013

In recent years, there has been increased overlap between the functions performed by Human Resources and Payroll personnel. Therefore, it seems a natural fit to combine these functions into one integrated platform in order for you to help the two departments do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible. You will find that integrating the two systems has several benefits.

1) It eliminates the need for two offices to type in duplicate information, which in turn reduces the possibility of data entry errors. In addition, this saves many man hours which can now be put toward setting new strategic goals for your company, employee training, and/or employee and customer relations.

2) Since payroll employees need data from Human Resources in order to do their job properly, an integrated system shortens the wait time for information, which makes for faster payroll services.

3) You will eliminate potential errors caused by employees updating their information with one office but not the other.

4) It reduces the amount of paperwork flowing between the two departments. If you have a platform with a self-service module, it will allow employees to look up and make changes to their information online. This is a great help as today’s offices are looking for ways to save paper and be more environmentally friendly.

5) Employee satisfaction will increase because they will only need to visit one location for complete information on both payroll and benefits.

6) There is increased communication amongst employees as the two offices work more closely together.

7) It gives your company the opportunity to cross train Human Resources and Payroll Department staff, which ensures that in the event of an unexpected employee absence at a critical time, their important work can still be accomplished.

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