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A branch of cloud computing, Software as a Service (SAAS) is a software delivery model in which the software and all of its associated data are stored, hosted, and managed by a service provider’s datacenter. The client then pays the service provider a subscription fee to access their information over the internet.

If you are considering adopting an SAAS model for your payroll outsourcing, know it has a number of advantages.

Savings for your Business

With SAAS, you can move away from the expense of having in-house information technology employees to handle the installation, maintenance, upgrades, and technical support needed for traditional software.

On-the-Go Accessibility

SAAS applications can be accessed from any internet connected web browser, allowing you to work with the information from anywhere with a variety of desktop and hand-held mobile devices.


Should your company grow and more people need access to the SAAS application, you can simply adjust your subscription as necessary and let your vendor handle the rest. This eliminates the time and hassle of adding server capacity and paying for additional software licenses which will come with traditional software.

Easy to Upgrade

Your SAAS vendor will handle all necessary hardware and software updates to keep your application current. As a bonus, you will find that SAAS software is typically updated much more frequently than traditional software programs. You can expect to receive updates quarterly, if not more often.

Eliminate the Fear of Lost Data

Should a disaster strike in your office which causes your servers to be destroyed or wiped of memory, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safely backed up in the cloud.


Your SAAS vendor will be happy to discuss information regarding the security of your data by outlining their policies on the encryption, auditing, logging, back-up, and safe-guarding of their systems.

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