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October 31, 2017

Ok, we know our team members weren’t the only ones who binge-watched the entire season of Netflix’s hit show, Stranger Things 2, right? While watching it got us to thinking about the personalities we see around the office and who it would be fun to see our coworkers dressed as based on their personality type.

Don’t worry…NO SPOILERS, only existing/season 1 characters.

We’ve loosely based these character types off the David Merrill’s Social Style Matrix. There are four common “Strangers” or stranger things characters that you might work with daily.

  1. Dustin/Analytic
  2. Lucas/Amiable
  3. Eleven/Driver
  4. Mike/Expressive

It is rather fun to be able to recognize these different personalities in your office and understand how to work with them and catch their attention.

  • Dustin/Analytic

Let’s start with the Dustin/Analytics of the world… Based on the Merrill’s matrix, analytics Dustin is a perfect example of an analytical. As the resident bard of the group, Dustin is very technical and looks for the “why” in a situation. He would score low on the responsive scale and low on the assertive scale. Meaning Dustin tends to have a more cognitive element to his reactions to things and he is more socially shy and less likely to assert or demand something. He is slow to make decisions if he does not feel comfortable with the situation. He takes time to analyze a situation and needs to be sure he is right, thus constantly needs to think.

Bringing Justin to Work:

What You’ll Need

  • Mesh Back Trucker Hat
  • Curly Wig
  • A Smart Graphic Tee
  • Denim Jacket
  • Khaki Pants
  • Tooth Wax
  • Compass
  • Backpack
  • White Sneakers/Trainers

Tip on Working with a “Dustin”:

To be able to work with a Dustin in your workplace, you must take your time, communicate effectively, don’t exert pressure on the individual, and give them space. They will feel more comfortable with you once they know that you respect the way they think.

  • Lucas/Amiables

Amiable people are slightly different than analytics. They usually tend to avoid confrontation but are more emotional when reacting to situations. A good representation of an amiable would be Lucas. Lucas is typically more laid back, less demanding, and more courteous than others around him. He strives for love or personal security and often looks to gain relationships with people around.

Getting Your Lucas On:

What You’ll Need

  • Long Sleeve Red Jacket
  • Multi-Colored Striped Shirt
  • Grey Slacks or Khakis
  • Camouflage Bandana
  • Sling Shot
  • White Shoes with Stripes
  • Backpack

Tip on Working with a “Lucas”:

To be able to work with them, you must get to know them, approach conflict carefully, handle issues in private, and be considerate.

  • Eleven/Drivers

Drivers do not concern themselves with other react and tend to be independent and candid. Their candor can be problematic at times as they can upset others with what can be perceived as inconsiderate words or actions, but the driver is just telling it as they see it. A good example a driver would be none other than the darling of Stranger Things, Eleven. She is decisive and acts immediately without hesitation. She would score high on the assertive scale but low on the responsive scale. Meaning she usually initiates social interaction and puts all her efforts into getting a goal of her accomplished.

Release Your Inner Eleven:

What You’ll Need

  • Blonde Wig
  • Men’s Blue Jacket
  • A Pink Dress
  • Ego Waffle Box
  • White Shoes
  • Knee High Socks
  • A bit of fake blood on the nose

Tip on Working with an Eleven:

When working with drivers, respect their time, earn their trust, and let them have some control.

  • Mike/Expressives

Lastly, Expressive people are the easiest to spot. They score high on the responsive scale and high on the assertive scale. Meaning they are more likely to face up to challenges and are emotional in their reactions. Mike is very passionate, and a great motivator for his team. He likes to make decisions based off what sounds good now. Expressive people will openly show positive and negative emotions. They are friendly and talkative.

Save the Day as Mike:

What You’ll Need

  • Straight Bob Wig
  • Men’s Tan Jacket
  • A Calculator or SmartWatch
  • Rugby Shirt
  • Grey or light blue pants
  • Back Pack
  • Comfortable Sneakers/Trainers

Tip on Working with a Mike:

To effectively work with an expressive, laugh with them, don’t be so serious, and form a friendship.

Being able to identify your employees or customers social styles can improve your company’s profits and wellbeing. Next time you are explaining information at a meeting, trying to make a sale, or attempting to hold a conversation, remember to recognize the different social styles and adapt to them. Not everyone thinks or acts like you so recognizing these styles can make you the most well-liked boss or sales representative. So be the mediator. Put on your poker face. Adapt