Summer Hiring with Netchex Human Resources Software
February 23, 2017

In the dead of winter, people look for any opportunity they can to think summer thoughts. Luckily for HR, they don’t have to look any further than summer hiring – which is right on their horizon.

Around this time of year, companies begin to consider full-time, part-time or seasonal hires they can welcome in late spring and early summer. Whether a start-date coincides with the beginning of a new fiscal year, graduation / matriculation, or a slower season, when acclimating new hires is easier, Netchex recruiting and onboarding solution are an integral part of this process for clients.

NetRecruiter – Your All-In-One Staffing Solution

Before you make an offer, make sure you’ve got the right individual for the job. NetRecruiter is an advanced applicant tracking system that simplifies hiring, and makes the decision-making that much more decisive. Start with a job description; end with a letter of intent (and everything in between) – that’s the Netchex difference.

NetRecruiter includes all the onboarding tools hiring managers need to build their teams. With point and click posting to high frequency job boards, integrated scheduling features and shared calendar capabilities, to prequalifying applicants and collaborative candidate scoring built in, NetRecruiter helps you hire top talent faster. In addition to streamlining the interview phase, the Netchex ATS offers background checks, compensation tools, resources to build enticing offer letters, and the customization to archive resumes for future hires.

NetGuide – Welcome to the Team

Starting on day one and continuing through the entire employee life-cycle, NetGuide is your complete data repository for employee profiles. In a single entry, NetGuide prepopulates and pushes information though to payroll, benefits, and time tracking systems – eliminating the need for repetitive HR data entry and ensuring complete compliance across all your HCM solutions.

NetGuide takes HR onboarding to new levels employing integrated online form fill and submit features, eSign capabilities, and storage for a comprehensive gallery of training videos, employee handbooks, and orientation materials. Employing NetGuide leaves you more time for the get-to-know yous and meet and greet lunches by sparing the labor-intensive workload synonymous with the onboarding process.

Whether you are using a single system that lacks the functionality needed to keep pace with today’s HR, or your company employs multiple platforms that are difficult to navigate and offers minimal integration, it’s time you’ve switched to Netchex.

Let our experts show you what innovative, efficient, and flexible HCM can look like for your company, and how Netchex recruiting, onboarding, and employee life-cycle management solutions simplifies the business of HR.

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