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April 13, 2018

How Superstition Can Affect Your Workplace

Whether it’s Friday the 13th or just another Tuesday, we’re all surrounded by workplace superstitions. You’ve probably heard of (or even experienced) a few of the more common ones, like morning motivational rituals or wearing your power tie on important days. What may seem silly from an outside perspective can have surprising psychological benefits in the workplace–from improving mood and outlook, to increasing productivity and initiative.

From retail to the red zone, rituals can be motivators.

In Sam Walton’s autobiography, “Made in America,” he elaborates on a motivational tactic he picked up in Korea and Japan. This eventually led to his creation of the infamous Walmart Cheer. Training activities, shift changes, and meetings kick off with this cheer to incite enthusiasm and camaraderie within his staff.

Walmart’s not the only team that’s gone the route of superstition, either. The 2009 – 2010 NFL season is one New Orleans Saint’s fans will never forget after defeating the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV. Moments like Tracy Porter’s interception returned for a touchdown will go down in Saints history, as will the pre-game chant by Drew Brees that quickly became a fan favorite.

During the prior offseason, Brees visited a U.S. Marine base at Guantanamo Bay. Inspired by this visit, he instituted the pre-game ritual of the“Win for You” chant, reciting it in team huddles before every game of the season, and ultimately the winning Super Bowl. Brees performs different huddle chants every season, and unfortunately they haven’t helped them win another super bowl since. Still, there’s something magical about that championship season and the ritual Brees introduced that helped motivate the Saints to win a Lombardi trophy.

Happy thoughts are integral to a happy workplace.

When it comes to the workplace, motivation and morale are both key in helping you meet your goals and ensuring productivity. Something as simple starting the day with a positive affirmation can create a happier, healthier work environment, and set the tone for a more fun and efficient day.

Most superstitions can be downright scary, but sometimes a little good luck and even better thoughts are worth their weight in gold. At Netchex, we’re here to help streamline your HR duties, clearing the way for you to focus on other crucial efforts, like planning company parties, showing employee appreciation or even coming up with your own cheer or ritual that positively benefits your workplace. We offer a full suite of HCM solutions that grow with your business, including payroll, HR, compliance, benefits administration, and time & attendance.

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