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How to Celebrate Pride Month Authentically in the Workplace

In the past few years, companies have become increasingly vocal in their support of social causes, organizations, and celebrations. One of the most prevalent and recognizable is Pride Month.  Like any diversity and inclusion effort from businesses, the support is welcome as long as it is authentic and not self-serving. How many companies actively support LGBTQ+ […]

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Netchex Named One of New Orleans Area’s Top Workplaces 2019

August 20, 2019 It’s been a rewarding and award-winning summer here at Netchex. First, we were recognized by not just one, but two independent, user review-based websites—Capterra and G2 Crowd—for our outstanding customer service. But those are not only the awards that Netchex has racked up lately. Earlier this summer, it was announced that Netchex […]

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Netconnect Speaker Alon Shaya on Company Culture

October 9, 2018 We spoke with Alon Shaya, acclaimed chef, restaurateur and keynote speaker for Netconnect 2019 who knows first-hand how tumultuous the human resources landscape can be in the restaurant industry. In forming Pomegranate Hospitality, what shaped the formation of your company culture? What shaped our company was a group of people who shared […]

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U.S. Department of Labor Starts Overtime Rule Listening Sessions

September 14, 2018 You may have heard the recent announcement that the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Wage and Hour Division is holding listening sessions open to the public (which started September 7th) regarding proposed changes to a white-collar exemption regulation called Part 541, otherwise known as the “Overtime Rule.” This regulation controls exemptions from overtime […]

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Four Keys to Improving Your Culture

August 13, 2018 Written by the HR Pros There’s no easy formula for fixing all cultural problems because each workplace is unique. The rules and traditions that lead one team to success might bring a different team to ruin. Some teams will thrive in a highly centralized environment, while others will reach new heights through […]

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The Fundamentals of Performance Management

July 17, 2018 Written by the HR Pros There’s a lot of debate in the HR world about what performance management process employers should use. The annual performance review, once the standard, has fallen out of favor with some employers. They’ve opted instead for more frequent feedback about performance, sometimes involving the employee’s peers in […]

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3 Leading HR Trends Taking Over 2018

July 17, 2018 Oh, what a difference a year makes… Managing Human Resources in 2018 involves a much more dynamic and comprehensive approach than it did in 2017. One of the biggest reasons was the onset and fallout of the #metoo movement, which positioned harassment as one of the biggest topics of the year. Another […]

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Why Paid Sick Leave Is Becoming More Popular

June 18, 2018 Written by the HR Pros We’ve all seen it—one of our employees has a bad cold, maybe even the flu, but they come to work anyway. In some cases, the employee has the option of taking time off, and you’d prefer they do so, but still, they show up, putting everyone in […]

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Understanding the Beauty (and Necessity) of Workplace Diversity

June 11, 2018 Imagine for a moment you’re living in an alternate universe — specifically, one where each individual you encounter is a carbon-copy of you. The inhabitants of this self-centered world look like you, talk like you, share your same interests… You probably already see where this is going! Needless to say, the novelty […]

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