Taking Responsibility for Your Health Care | Netchex HCM Software
October 29, 2013

Currently, it is difficult to watch or listen to any news program without hearing the word “Obamacare.” Regardless of if you agree or disagree with the new health insurance law, it has certainly started a national conversation about health care. This makes it an ideal time to think about your own personal responsibilities regarding your health. Read on for tips on how you can partner with medical professionals to keep yourself happy and healthy.

If you are taking medications, including any nutritional or herbal supplements, make a list of them, with dosages, and keep it in your wallet or purse. If you are allergic to any medications, you should have a list of those handy as well. Be sure to keep these lists up to date; the information is absolutely crucial for any doctor who will be treating you.
Remember that you know your own body best. While physicians are incredibly intelligent, highly trained individuals, they are not infallible. If something does not feel right with a doctor’s diagnosis, know that it is absolutely OK to seek a second opinion.

Understand that you can and should ask a doctor questions, and lots of them. You need to have a full understanding of everything that is going on with your health to the point where you can explain it to other physicians if needed. If you are hospitalized or otherwise very ill, make sure to always have a friend or family member on hand that can advocate on your behalf. Any physician who does not want to take time to answer your questions is not someone you want to handle your care.

Talk to your doctor about nutrition and lifestyle changes that will support your health. Medication is not always necessarily the answer. Diet, exercise, and alternative remedies such as acupuncture can improve your well-being as well.

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