Women Leaders of Netchex online payroll software: Rachael Whyte

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, which also advocates for accelerating gender parity. This year’s theme is #EachforEqual through celebrating womens achievement, raising awareness against bias, and taking action for equality.

To recognize this important day, well be celebrating some of our own inspiring female leaders and their careers in the tech industry and at Netchex. Next up is one of our Regional Sales Managers, Rachael Whyte.

Tell us a little bit about your Netchex journey!

I started at Netchex two years ago as a Sales Rep in Colorado. I was the only rep here, so it was a little overwhelming, but definitely well worth it in the end! It was a great experience to help create the foundation for what is now a full team here today! From being the only rep in Colorado to being a manager now of five people in Colorado, two in Arizona, and one in California! I absolutely loved being a rep and look forward to helping other reps succeed in my first year as a manager.

What is your favorite part about working in the Tech/Software industry?

Technology is a great space to work in—it is constantly evolving! As the years go on, people are going to absolutely need it, especially in our space. We are not just selling them a product that is nice and pretty to look at; we are truly able to help the end-user create more time and space in their day. The world is evolving and technology is the driver!

How important is it for companies to have equal representation throughout all levels of employees? 

Diversity on all levels is very important to any company. Having people from different walks of life succeeding in all areas of the company really helps you feel like you can also succeed. One of the things I noticed and really attracted me to Netchex was that some of the top sales leaders of the company were women! It is a great mix of success and leadership here at Netchex. At my previous companies, I was always one of the only saleswomen on the team. It was great to see a mix here at Netchex!

Do you have any advice for women entering leadership roles within their departments? 

Be confident and take accountability! Stand up for what you believe in and have confidence in how you conduct yourself. It might be intimidating to speak your mind, but your voice needs to be heard! Believe in what you say and prove it with action.

How do you manage to balance home and work life?

My husband also works in sales, so it is tough for us to both shut off after hours. We make it a point to give a strict timeline that we’re done for the day and spend time together. If this means I have to get up extra early the next day to finish what I need to do, then I will do that instead of ruining our together time. Also, I make sure to fully unwind on the weekends and get out and do something since I give my all throughout the week.

What are your hopes for Netchex as a company moving forward?

Keeping the culture alive! I have never been at a company that felt more like a family with the support and the ability to be “real” with each other. That type of culture creates an environment worth fighting for!

As Netchex continues to experience rapid growth, Rachael and her fellow Sales Managers are always looking for candidates to join our national sales team. If you’re interested in joining Team Netchex, click below to see our openings!

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