A lot of things can be said about 2020 (most of which, we won’t say here), but proclaiming it the Year of the Virtual Meeting is perhaps the most fitting. As businesses have shifted to a more flexible, remote workforce, the day-to-day business has adapted accordingly. Out of necessity, the prevalence of virtual meetings has skyrocketed in the past 6 months with no signs of slowing down. Like meetings, other business mainstays are going virtual as well, such as performance reviews, onboarding, conventions, and conferences—including our own annual user conference, Netconnect, which will be Netchex’s first virtual conference.

 First Virtual Conference Netchex hcm software

Normally, Netconnect is an in-person event hosted in New Orleans with hundreds of people in attendance. And while we will miss seeing everyone face-to-face, we are prepared to bring as much of the sights, sounds, and experiences of Netconnect as possible online. This year’s Netconnect theme is Explore HRits completely virtual and totally FREE.

Has this year left you feeling a little lost in the HR wilderness? Netchex is here to help guide you forward on a more purposeful path. Netconnect 2020 (October 22-23) is the perfect opportunity to reset your company’s compass, map out your next steps, and discover something new in the world of HR. Register here today.

And while everyone may be used to virtual meetings by now, attending a virtual conference is a completely different experience—but one where the possibilities are endless. And though things are going to be a bit different, we are really excited and you should be too—here’s why:


In-person conferences are very fast-paced and jam-packed with nearly every minute accounted for in your daily schedule. This can lead to an intense fear of missing out (FOMO) and worry over whether or not you are getting your money’s worth out of attending (no need to worry this year because Netconnect is FREE, btw). 

Virtual conferences, on the other hand, offer you A LOT of flexibility—no travel times, make your schedule to fit your timetable, and you don’t even have to miss out on a full day of work. 

Saving time and money

Did we mention that Netconnect is free—not even a registration fee? But even if it wasn’t, with virtual conferences you don’t have to worry about air travel, hotel accommodations, meals, and more.

And with virtual conferences, time is on your side. Often with a mix of live and recorded events, you can prioritize, but still not fear missing out because you can also circle back to whatever you missed the first time around.


Despite spending less money and requiring less of a time commitment, virtual conferences, especially Netconnect, still offer the most crucial component of a conference—education. With a schedule packed full of classes, speakers, and events designed to increase your expertise, Netconnect will increase your knowledge of industry best practices and demonstrate how to get the most out of the Netchex system. Additionally, you will gain valuable new insights that you can take back to your company that will allow you to institute real change, save your company time and money, and make your employees and co-workers happier and more fulfilled. 

Virtual conferences are also great for multiple members of your team to attend the event together or independently. Together, more information and insights can be absorbed, applied, and shared with the rest of your company. Plus, just like in-person conferences, it is also more enjoyable to experience conferences with others. And since Netconnect is FREE this year, there are no additional financial constraints preventing multiple team members from participating. 


Finally, there is one somewhat unspoken, but undeniable element that conferences bring to attendees—inspiration. That after-conference glow/shot of adrenaline is real. Attendees emerge from a conference full of ideas and motivated to get things done. And thankfully, attending a conference virtually still provides this beneficial catalyst—and did we mention that Netconnect is FREE?

Register for Netconnect: Explore HR (October 22-23) today

Netconnect: Explore HR virtual conference