NetEngage - Employee Engagement Tool

Performance Evaluations

Conduct more complete employee reviews, increase feedback, and simplify management

Employee Engagement

Facilitate better communication, stronger company culture, and a greater sense of purpose

Talent Management

Achieve talent maximization through planning, execution, and culture-building.

Employee Performance Management

  • Easily customize review templates or create new questions for 360 reviews, self-evaluations, and workflows to better support all roles.
  • Save time on administration and paperwork while setting the stage for productive performance review conversations with employees of all levels.
  • Utilize performance review tools to manage reviews, track progress, and view all relevant data and reporting.

Kudos & Shoutouts

  • Empower employees to give thanks, show appreciation, and praise peers directly and publicly.
  • Build company culture, showcase teamwork, and make people smile through personal acknowledgments.
  • Honor employee birthdays and milestones to foster workplace community and connectedness.

Employee Surveys

  • Track morale and privately capture employee sentiments with various surveys.
  • Request and address employee feedback on any topic.
  • Make employees feel heard and valued.

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