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At Netchex, we make it easier to fulfill your business’ mission of providing exceptional patient care. We’re uniquely positioned to help you overcome healthcare’s biggest obstacles through powerful HR and payroll software. Discover why thousands of healthcare organizations trust Netchex.

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Explore Netchex payroll software

Whether your organization is a physician’s office, an elder care facility, regional hospital, or specialty clinic, Netchex can take the stress and headache out of managing your workforce. Our comprehensive technology captures the complete employee experience of the healthcare industry—from recruiting and onboarding to payroll processing and compliance.

Thanks to our industry-specific focus and experience, Netchex is built to provide healthcare organizations with secure, comprehensive software solutions to improve retention and engagement, elevate the employee experience, and ensure universal compliance.

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Explore Netchex payroll software

Netchex is a people-centric, compliance-focused technology solution designed to help healthcare organizations grow and thrive. Discover how our healthcare HR and payroll software can help make your payroll and HR functions easier and more efficient:

6500+ organizations trust Netchex

See why Netchex Excels as a Healthcare Payroll & HR solution

Our healthcare HR and payroll software is fully integrated and easy to use, yet powerful enough to run all of your HR processes. Trust Netchex to get the job done so you can focus on what matters most: helping your employees with their HR and payroll needs and continuing to provide great patient care.

Full system integration
with single sign-on

A lot goes into HR. Netchex covers and connects the entire employee lifecycle with our integrated HR and payroll healthcare software—everything from recruitment to retirement.

Modern, accessible

Netchex is simple to use and quick to learn, yet robust enough to run your entire business. Our seamless mobile functionality gives all employees, including deskless workers, 24/7 access.

Intuitive schedule builder
& timekeeping

Create and publish comprehensive, error-free schedules for all employees. Provide better transparency, communication, and access to improve employee experience.

Smarter recruiting
& onboarding

Find the best candidate faster and more successfully with our applicant tracking system. Get new employees started quicker and with less paperwork with standardized processes built in to ensure compliance.

Accurate, up-to-date data
& reporting

Salary, labor, and performance insights all in one convenient place. Highly customizable formats with real time insights and accurate, up-to-the-minute data accessible in one place.

Enhanced employee engagement & retention

Implement a better employee engagement strategy that focuses on your people. Facilitate better communication, stronger company culture, and a greater sense of purpose.

Trusted compliance

Get tasks off your plate and worries off your mind. Automated tasks and reporting to keep you compliant⁠—with one less thing to think about.

Comprehensive benefits administration

More complete education and enrollment empowers employees to better control their benefits coverage. Proactive management allows for automated administrative tasks.

In-depth performance management

Create customizable employee reviews. Assign tasks and due dates. Set and track employee goals. Analyze actionable data between teams & departments and over time.

Work smarter with the healthcare HR experts

Work smarter with the healthcare HR experts

Designed to help healthcare organizations run more smoothly, Netchex is an easier, more comprehensive way to run all of your healthcare HR processes and manage the employee experience. Our industry-leading technology is backed by award-winning customer service and unmatched training and resources. In an ever-changing HR world, you need a never-ending source for industry knowledge and insights.

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Hear what others in the healthcare industry have to say about Netchex:

Designed to make your job easier

“Netchex has helped my job be so much easier and faster with all the tools it has. I love learning new things.”

Carrie Freeman – HR Director
UNC Health Caldwell

Quicker, more efficient recruiting

“We used to print out each email and application (sometimes hundreds a day), write who it was for, and then go stick it in that managers mail box. Now, we dont even have to do ANY of that since we use NetRecruiter now. Soooooo much less paper and less time consuming for HR!!!”

Kristan Kremer – Legal Administrator
Iberia Medical Center

Loves our integrated HR technology

“I love the integrated platform. With our old payroll company you would have to make the same change in several different areas of the software. With Netchex, it only takes once. This system is so user-friendly, it makes training a breeze. And the customer service is second to none!”

Chris Hayes – Payroll Specialist
Southern Veneer Specialist

See how Netchex can help your healthcare business thrive

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