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You’ve never seen benefits, HR, and payroll done quite like this. Discover Netchex’s suite of powerful HR technology solutions that thousands of businesses rely on every day.

  • Payroll & Tax
  • Time & Attendance
  • Benefits Administration
  • Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Learning Management
  • Performance Management
  • Human Resources
  • Reporting & Analytics

Insights taken from actual customer reviews about Paycom

This payroll software is very obviously built without any HR expertise considered. This does not provide solutions that scale for modern HR. I’ve used 6-7 different systems and Paycom is the least intuitive, most manual, most frustrating, and least knowledgeable about HR.
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NOT AN HCM. This may have one database, but the org chart is not connected to Applicant Tracking System, is not connected to HR data. This system is modular in its best self, information is not shared across modules.
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I find that Paycom’s staff is either disinterested in being of service to us, and/or poorly trained. I can call at 12 and get one answer, then call back at 12:01 and get a completely different answer on the same questions.
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Sales folks will lie to you all day. Real-time data, trend reporting, and point in time data DO NOT EXIST in this system. Awful performance management, and I mean literally the worst. NOT AN LMS, this is misleading.
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The system does not communicate within itself causing double the work. None of the functionality makes sense. Everything causes an error in another part of the system but no notifications or warnings prompt you that what you are doing will cause a problem.
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The customer service has been awful. We have paid for all these services but getting Paycom to help us implement them is next to impossible.
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When searching for payroll and HR software, we know that it is important to shop around and find the solution that works best for your company’s unique situation. There are countless options available in the marketplace—boasting many of the same features.

How can we make your decision easier and more informed?

We believe that hearing it directly from the users of these products is the best way to learn what sets Netchex payroll software apart from the competition, including Paycom.    

How does Netchex stand out when compared to Paycom? 

  • More integrated system
  • Better user experience
  • Outstanding customer service

Netchex in Action

Learn what makes Netchex different than Paycom and how easy it is to get started with the industry’s easiest payroll software.

Paycom vs. Netchex FAQ

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You’ve never seen benefits, HR, and payroll done quite like this. Discover Netchex’s suite of powerful HR technology solutions that thousands of businesses rely on every day.

Slide Payroll & Tax Get employees paid faster. File taxes automatically. Everything accurate and on time. Switch to Netchex and start to love your payroll & tax software. Slide Time & Attendance Collect hours worked and time-off effortlessly in a system that combines with employee self-service. Did we mention it integrates directly with payroll software? Slide Benefits Administration Comprehensive doesn't have to mean complex. Netchex makes Benefits Administration easy, straightforward, and worry-free for everyone. Slide Recruiting & Onboarding An applicant tracking system with built-in intelligence, combined with an innovative onboarding platform, improves and simplifies your entire hiring process. Slide Learning Management Get new hires up-to-speed. Update company-wide compliance. Diminish skill gaps and develop your workforce with our Learning Management System (LMS). Slide Performance Management Conduct employee reviews. Assign, track, and review tasks company-wide. Gain insight into performance and growth with comprehensive data. Slide Human Resources Critical data instantly. Analytics on demand. Support teams at the ready. Powerful interface meets welcoming interface with Netchex’s robust HR software. Slide Reporting & Analytics Powerful reporting and analytics at your fingertips. Netchex’s report-builder, flexible formats, and point & click features let you put a personalized spin on analytics.

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