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High-Quality Content

Content libraries with 600+ training courses. Topics your organization needs to remain competitive. Plus, the ability to utilize your own educational content.

Customizable Curriculum

Develop specialized tracks for individuals, departments, or company-wide. Preview courses before assigning, attach quizzes, and set pass/fail requirements.

Easy Admin & Reporting

Get an overview of all activities, assignments, and scores. Take a deeper dive with in-depth reporting. Gain insight into individuals, teams, or company-wide.


Hours of Educational Content

With NetLearn, your company is ready to begin learning on day one. Explore high-quality, modern videos curated by industry experts. Our Learning Management System offers three distinct content libraries—HR Compliance, Professional Skills, and Workplace Safety. Over 200 relevant courses in each collection covering topics critical to today’s workforce.

Create and import your own training materials, including videos, audio, documents, links, and more. All of your training material is accessible in one place with just one login.

Netchex Learning Management Software
Netchex Learning Management Software

A Diverse and Modern Learning Experience

Align your training strategy to meet your company’s business goals. Increase engagement and promote a culture of learning among employees. Use your own training content to guide or support pre-loaded material to develop course tracks for individuals, departments, or the entire company. Preview courses before assigning, include quizzes, and set pre-requisite or pass/fail requirements to increase learning comprehension and retention.

A Powerful, User-Friendly Platform

NetLearn is an intuitive Learning Management System. Makes online learning simple and accessible to all employees. Assignments and due dates easy to understand with our easy-to-navigate user dashboard. View courses currently in progress, review recently completed assignments, and browse course recommendations. Searching for courses by topic makes exploratory learning easy as employees grow their personal knowledge and skillset.

Netchex Learning Management Software
Netchex Learning Management Software

Easy Management and Insightful Reporting

From the administrator dashboard, managers get an overview of all past and current activity, assessments, and scores, as well as upcoming requirements. Streamline your process with simple course assignment, emails, and alerts. Utilize our pre-built reports or create your own for analysis of the most vital KPIs. Take a deeper dive with in-depth reporting to gain insight into a specific employee, team, or company activity. Discover how a Learning Management System can propel your business forward.

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