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You’ve never seen benefits, HR, and payroll done quite like this. Discover Netchex’s suite of powerful HR technology solutions that thousands of businesses rely on every day.

  • Payroll & Tax
  • Time & Attendance
  • Benefits Administration
  • Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Learning Management
  • Performance Management
  • Human Resources
  • Reporting & Analytics

What actual customers said about Paylocity:

Mistakes are made which are time-consuming and difficult to fix. Sometimes I am able to troubleshoot an issue before support understands how to help. Their understanding of the system is inconsistent.
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Paylocity is used across our entire company in 4 states. I have a difficult time finding ANYTHING that is particularly good about Paylocity. It is difficult/ cumbersome to make changes. Authority levels make no sense. Reporting is limited to canned reports.
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We have a large and complicated payroll process, which we were very excited that Paylocity was equipped to handle as long as we upload our payroll correctly. It is not, however, equipped to track these complex structures within the system. Because of this, we have to use clunky custom fields with limited functionality.
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I have to be so organized to keep track of my tickets and requests for support b/c they will lose track too, which means some of my requests get forgotten and lost.
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Very limited. As a manager, this app is useless. I cannot enter employee schedules, vacation, sick leaves, etc. I cannot even enter a simple schedule for an employee. I cannot send reminders, or even use the survey function.
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We are currently unable to adjust employee times… for 2 days!! Getting information from this system is ridiculous. Not one week goes by without some problem.
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Are you in the market for HR and payroll software? During your search, it is crucial to perform industry research and check out all available providers. With countless options available, how do you find the right solution for you and your company—especially when many boast similar features?

At Netchex, we can help make your search easier and more informed. In fact, we firmly believe that hearing it directly from actual users of these systems is the easiest way to discover Netchex’s differentiators against the competition, including Paylocity.

How does Netchex payroll software compare to Paylocity?  

  • Award-winning customer service
  • Excellent user experience
  • Simple, error-free payroll and time tracking

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Learn what makes Netchex different than Paylocity and how easy it is to get started with the industry’s easiest payroll software.

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You’ve never seen benefits, HR, and payroll done quite like this. Discover Netchex’s suite of powerful HR technology solutions that thousands of businesses rely on every day.

Slide Payroll & Tax Get employees paid faster. File taxes automatically. Everything accurate and on time. Switch to Netchex and start to love your payroll & tax software. Slide Time & Attendance Collect hours worked and time-off effortlessly in a system that combines with employee self-service. Did we mention it integrates directly with payroll software? Slide Benefits Administration Comprehensive doesn't have to mean complex. Netchex makes Benefits Administration easy, straightforward, and worry-free for everyone. Slide Recruiting & Onboarding An applicant tracking system with built-in intelligence, combined with an innovative onboarding platform, improves and simplifies your entire hiring process. Slide Learning Management Get new hires up-to-speed. Update company-wide compliance. Diminish skill gaps and develop your workforce with our Learning Management System (LMS). Slide Performance Management Conduct employee reviews. Assign, track, and review tasks company-wide. Gain insight into performance and growth with comprehensive data. Slide Human Resources Critical data instantly. Analytics on demand. Support teams at the ready. Powerful interface meets welcoming interface with Netchex’s robust HR software. Slide Reporting & Analytics Powerful reporting and analytics at your fingertips. Netchex’s report-builder, flexible formats, and point & click features let you put a personalized spin on analytics.

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