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Payroll Software for Non-Profit Organizations

Join thousands of non-profits already using Netchex payroll software. We’ve dealt with challenges you’ve experienced and are equipped to help you overcome the most common obstacles. See why Netchex is considered the best payroll and accounting software for non-profits!

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Non-profit organizations have an obligation when it comes to ensuring proper payroll processing. Whether it’s your unique tax filing designation or the need for accurately documenting qualified expenses, Netchex is committed to helping you overcome these challenges.

Typically, these include:

  • Budget constraints
  • Specialized taxation issues
  • Maintaining year-round compliance
  • Limited internal staff
  • Distinguishing tactical vs. mission focused expectations
  • Tracking and reporting expenses to the correct budget area

Still on the fence? Take a look below to hear from real customers that say Netchex is a viable payroll and accounting software for non-profits.

First Coppell - United Methodist Church

Since the late 1800s, First United Methodist Church has been serving their community through not only worship and religious services, but also through volunteer work in their community of Coppell, Texas. We work with Bentley, their Executive Director of Administration, on their HR and payroll needs. When he’s not in the office, he loves to hit the links and play golf.

The YMCA has been part of Greater New Orleans since 1852. Today, the YMCA of Greater New Orleans serves over 42,000 people every year, including 10,000 youth. At the Y, they serve their members and the community alike. Over half of the individuals and families they reach are community members that attend programs and events throughout the year.

Netchex Payroll Software Makes Things Easy

Single source database

Data tracking & insights

Industry tech integrations

Automated onboarding

Simplified recruiting

Powerful reporting

Welcome to the new world of benefits, HR, and payroll software!

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