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Workplace integration is a trending topic throughout the business world, and HR technology is no different. It is more than just implementing new technology, but making sure everything is integrated. Today’s HR workforce is already looking towards the future and forcing companies to make integration a priority.

An overwhelming majority of workers (87%) think integrating new HR tools into workplace technology is a key priority, while (64%) believe their organization will fall behind if HR technology is not fully integrated. 

HR Technology Integration

Why is HR integration such a hot topic and why does it matter? Simply, it saves time and money while making jobs easier and more manageable. 

60% of companies use 5 or more different HR systems, while 20% use 10 or more different HR systems (how is this even possible?). All told, HR pros spend more than 512 hour year (that’s approximately more than 2 hours a day) maintaining these multiple systems.  This cannot be successfully maintained if an HR team is expected to succeed. 

how employers are integration hr technology

HR integration is difficult with multiple systems that cannot always align. But built-in integration allows HR pros to simplify and streamline their processes into one, single-source solution that alleviates the manual work and data transfer errors. 

Thankfully, HR integration already exists today and its presence (and necessity) is only expanding. So, where are employers integrating HR technology? Everywhere—from Payroll (70%) and Open Enrollment (47%) to Onboarding (42%) and Time Tracking (42%), and finally, Health Benefits Administration (36%) and Retirement Administration (30%). 

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In a world inundated with smartphones, smart TVs, and even smart kitchen appliances, workplace technology—especially centered on employee engagement and experience—is not only expected, but demanded. 

Unfortunately, to fill these demands, many back-office solutions are cobbled together fragments from multiple disparate systems and time-consuming manual processes. This ultimately creates a lackluster employee experience across the board, which could derail a company in the long run.

In most companies, HR is overtasked, overwhelmed, and often operating with one hand tied behind its back. CEOs and CFOs are often hesitant to spend the money needed to get all of their HR ducks in a row, but without true integration, the wasted time and money will always hang over your company. 

How does HR Technology Integration Help Your Company?   

Improves accuracy 

When integrated, all the moving pieces interact with and depend one another. By integrating a full suite of HR technology, companies can minimize mistakes and ensure accurate data. Instead of having to make multiple adjustments across multiple systems, integration allows for only one update, greatly lowering the chance of error and conflicting reports. All of this makes oversight and compliance easier as well. 

Reduces bureaucracy/paperwork

HR professionals have long struggled with manual processes and paperwork. While technology that isn’t integrated can actually make things worse, true integration—from recruitment and onboarding to payroll and benefits administration—can make all the difference. By being more centralized and streamlined, the red tape can be greatly diminished.  

Attract and retain top talent

You want to attract and retain the top talent for your company—and top talent wants a future-focused company that embraces the latest technology in the workplace. Talent Management tools can strengthen your company in several crucial ways, from crafting more efficient and focused recruiting efforts to developing better employees and managers over time. 

Higher employee engagement

The influx of integrated technology has even proven beneficial in increasing employee engagement in both the short and long-term, including employee education, internal communication, performance reviews, and employee recognition. 

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