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Financial Advisors

At Netchex, our Advisor program makes retirement plan administration easier. Combine your industry expertise with Netchex’s powerful technology to put your clients’ data at your fingertips and give you a distinct advantage over competitors.

360-Degree Integration

We offer a simple, 360-degree integration, which allows data flow seamlessly from Payroll into your 401(k) plan for an intelligent, fully integrated experience. For clients, this means fewer errors and less manual administration. For Financial Advisors, this means happier clients and the ability to sell more plans.

Benefits SS

Benefits of Being an Advisor Partner

Partnering with Netchex has proven to be a smart, strategic venture for our current associates. Some of the advantages include:

  • Protection and retention of your current client base
  • Automated client compliance and filings
  • Visibility into client data to prevent outdated data
  • Added-value strengthens client relationships

Our Advisor partners are winning new business and protecting their current client base with Netchex’s integrated 401(k) payroll solution.

The 360-degree integration allows advisors to access plan information from anywhere, track participant changes all the way through to payroll, and stay compliant with ongoing census data.

With top-ranked technology and better customer service, discover what Netchex can do for you