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About Fail Telecommunications

Fail Telecommunications is an 80-employee corporation based in Mississippi. They left ADP for Paylocity in hopes of a better customer service experience. Unfortunately, the bad response times started before they had even made it out of implementation.

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Issues with Paylocity

Fail Telecommunications specifically bought Paylocity to improve their customer service experience from ADP. However, within their first weeks with Paylocity, they already had issues with Implementation. The HR admin was new to payroll and found the system not intuitive, but when she requested help, she couldn’t get a response. They also couldn’t get the reports they needed to in order to run payroll correctly.

Netchex Services

  • Payroll & Tax
  • Time & Attendance
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • ACA Administration
  • Employee + Manager Self-Service

Netchex Solutions

For a user new to running payroll, Netchex’s easy-to-use system just makes sense. It’s simple enough for the end user to easily navigate, while being robust enough to provide the data and reporting needed to run a business. Fail Telecommunications utilizes Netchex’s NetInsight for powerful reporting, and our self-service portals for managers and employees takes some of the work of HR’s plate. Additionally, our top-ranked Implementation experience made sure the admins knew how to use the tools they purchased before their first payroll, while our customer service team ensures they continue to maximize their investment.

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