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Most people go with a big name payroll and HR company expecting a unique “name brand” experience, only to be disappointed by lackluster technology and frustrating customer service. Big payroll companies are more focused on signing new customers rather than taking care of current ones. They are fine with churning thousands of customers every year because, to them, all you are is a number—just one of millions.
At Netchex, numbers matter… customers matter… you matter.

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With Netchex’s connected systems, robust reporting, and a simple, intuitive interface, our HR and payroll software powers thousands of businesses just like yours for ADP alternatives. But don’t just take our word for it.

Unlock HR Intelligence

Unlock HR Intelligence

Netchex’s single-source technology is simple enough to learn quickly, yet powerful enough to run your entire business. Our complete suite of HR tech was designed to let businesses work smarter with less work. As a result, and even though there are many payroll companies similar to ADP, we are consistently recognized as market trailblazers.

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Payroll Reimagined

When processing payroll, have separate systems that don’t communicate to each other become the unfortunate norm?

With a suite of available integrations, ensure timely and accurate payroll to better handle your workforce with Netchex payroll software.

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Payroll Reimagined
Customer Testimonials

From outdated technology to poor service, hear what some of your peers have to say about the challenges they’ve experienced with ADP.

“Horrible support, outrageous costs, and back-end updates that shouldn’t be handled by the customer. When trying to reach someone for help, we either had no follow-up or had to wait weeks to hear from someone.”

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“Getting quick answers to urgent problems is non-existent. We’ve been given conflicting training to handle specific entry issues (1099 vs W2 ees), manual checks, and correcting tax withholding. We’ve lost thousands of dollars due to incorrect programming.”

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“The platform is extremely old, confusing, and clunky. It looks like a web 1.0 portal and is extremely complicated to use. Unless you’re a huge company, the customer service is atrocious.”

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