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Join thousands of restaurants already using Netchex payroll software. We’ve dealt with challenges you’ve experienced and are equipped to help you overcome the most common obstacles. Discover how Netchex thrives as a restaurant payroll software.

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In order to ensure proper restaurant payroll processing, these establishments are required to meet the unique demands of their business. From managing multiple internal departments to calculating complicated overtime and tip structures, the restaurant industry as a whole needs a reliable HR and payroll software counterpart. This includes facing challenges head on that otherwise can prove costly for restaurant owners and investment partners.

The fine details worth noting typically include:

  • Accuracy with General Ledger information
  • Paperless onboarding with e-verify
  • Calculating multiple pay rates, tips, and overtime (when applicable)
  • Mobile employee access to paystubs, time-off requests and schedules
  • Interdepartmental pay allocations
  • ACA compliance
  • Employment and wage verifications
  • Managing state unemployment
  • Tip pools and sharing

In 1982, Brenda and Gregory J. Hamer, Sr. created B&G Food Enterprises, LLC when they received a franchise from Taco Bell to operate a restaurant in Morgan City, Louisiana. Today, B&G operates over 140 restaurants with over 2,000 employees across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. B&G is the largest Taco Bell Franchisee in Louisiana and maintain their Corporate Headquarters in Morgan City, Louisiana.

Walk-On’s Enterprises is a company built on big ideas. Its founders, Jack Warner and Brandon Landry, met in 1997 on the hardwood of Louisiana State University’s Pete Maravich Assembly Center. Growing up, each dreamt of playing basketball for LSU and both succeeded — it just so happened to be as walk-ons. It was then that these former benchwarmers established the dream for Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar.

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Data tracking & insights

Industry tech integrations

Automated onboarding

Simplified recruiting

Powerful reporting

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