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Thousands of automotive companies have leaned on Netchex to drive efficient and effective payroll processing. Backed by a team of dedicated payroll specialists with years of combined experience, Netchex is equipped to handle any obstacle you may face.

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With our DMS integration, maximize efficiency at your dealership with industry-specific Payroll, Time & Attendance, Scheduling, Benefits Administration solutions to ensure you’re equipped to face every unique challenge head on.

Typical challenges include:

  • Low inventory counts and increased demand for skilled labor
  • Sourcing and hiring the right talent
  • Disjointed hiring processes 
  • Difficult-to-use systems
  • Manual effort to process payroll, resulting in wasted time and resources

Read below to learn exactly how Netchex successfully functions as an automotive payroll system for dealerships across the nation.

Freeland Auto Group struggled with a slow moving hiring process and disjointed, difficult-to-use systems that led to disengaged talent and missed opportunities to bring on great folks for their open roles. Post-hire, many of their processes, such as conducting payroll and submitting repair orders, required manual pen and paper — wasting time and resources and leading to costly mistakes.

Initially, Jackson and his team worked tirelessly to pull payroll from their DMS—sometimes twice a month. And each time, Jackson devoted hours to manually adjusting payroll for 250-plus employees, across eight states, while having to consider new legislation, varying laws across state lines, paid sick leave, and more. Lawley Auto Group has partnered with the hiring and recruiting experts at Hireology, who mentioned an exciting new Payroll provider, Netchex.

Netchex Payroll Software Makes Things Easy

Single source database

Data tracking & insights

Industry tech integrations

Automated onboarding

Simplified recruiting

Powerful reporting

Welcome to the new world of benefits, HR, and payroll software!

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