Performance Reviews

Create customizable evaluations with variable point scales.

Assign & Track Reviews

View and approve all tasks, set assignment and due dates—with just a few clicks.

Actionable Data

Analyze results. Compare data over time and between teams and departments.

Netchex Performance Management System


Performance reviews are an essential tool for developing employees, building better teams, and growing your business. If not done correctly, the process can be inconsistent, ineffective, and time-consuming—leaving you with a lot of data, but little insight. 

Improve your employee evaluation process with NetPerform, Netchex’s comprehensive performance management system. 

Netchex Performance Management System

More Options & Greater Flexibility

Conduct highly customizable peer, manager, and self-evaluations of employees 

  • Craft your own questions and responses
  • Create evaluations using customizable point scales 
  • Greater flexibility with unlimited questions, answers, and comment fields
Netchex Performance Management System

Manage The Entire Process

Assign and track evaluations to an individual, department, or company-wide

  • View all tasks—upcoming, open, pending approval, overdue, and completed
  • Set assignment dates based on preferred criteria, such as anniversaries
  • Allow admins to easily review and approve all tasks
Netchex Performance Management System

Dashboard Overview

Get the most out of your company’s results and data with an easy-to-use and customizable dashboard.

  • Compare scores between individuals and teams 
  • Gain insight into performance and growth with comparisons over time 
  • Review and download data for easier analysis

Get the most out of your company’s employee reviews with NetPerform.

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