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Free up HR time and effort, while ensuring employees are quickly helped

AskHR accomplishes both! This revolutionary platform provides a centralized hub featuring AI-powered answers available 24/7. Employees are empowered with instant information straight from company documents, freeing up your HR team to focus on what matters most.

AskHR, a groundbreaking platform designed to revolutionize Human Resources, was built with you in mind.

AskHR serves as a centralized hub for managing employee inquiries, providing HR professionals with a streamlined and efficient solution to address the diverse range of questions they receive daily.


Centralized Hub

Manage employee inquiries with a streamlined and efficient solution to address a diverse range of HR-related questions

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Human + AI Intelligence

Utilize advanced AI technology to categorize, prioritize, and answer inquiries based on your company’s own resources and documentation

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Efficient, Intelligent Routing

Ensure all inquiries are directed to the right personnel based on their expertise—reducing response time and improving overall efficiency

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Data-Driven Approach

Gain valuable insights into employee questions and needs to refine and optimize processes and improve the employee experience

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Centralized hub for easier
management and communication

AskHR addresses the challenge of endless employee requests and questions head-on by offering a solution that centralizes HR communication channels inside the Netchex product and prioritizes inquiries based on their urgency and complexity.

Combined human + AI
intelligence for greater accuracy

AskHR employs generative AI as the first line of defense to attempt to answer questions strictly based on a company’s own documentation and referencing back to the ultimate source document. In instances where askHR AI is unable to provide a suitable response, inquiries are automatically escalated to HR professionals for resolution.

This seamless integration of artificial intelligence for HR and human expertise ensures that employees receive the support they need quickly while allowing HR professionals to focus on complex inquiries that require their intervention.

Efficient, intelligent routing for
improved efficiency

AskHR categorizes, prioritizes, and answers inquiries, ensuring that HR professionals can efficiently manage their workload and provide timely responses to employees. The platform’s intelligent routing system ensures inquiries are directed to the appropriate personnel based on their expertise, reducing response times, and improving overall efficiency.

Administrators have the flexibility to create rules by topics such as Benefits, Payroll, Recruitment, or let the HR AI tool generate its own optimized routing to the administrator best suited to address employees’ questions.

Data-driven insights enable
more proactive approach

AskHR provides valuable, actionable insights into the types of inquiries received most frequently, enabling HR professionals to identify trends and proactively address common issues.

By leveraging this data-driven approach, HR teams can refine and optimize their processes, improving the employee experience, meeting legal and compliance needs, and bringing automation and efficiency to an area that was previously manual.

“The demands of providing fast answers to multiple questions and limited staffing in the HR department made the AskHR module a no-brainer for us.Netchex has allowed our small company to have some of the most innovative technology that is normally reserved for larger companies at an affordable price.”

Douglas Bryant MBA, GPHR, SPHR

Senior Vice President at Hillcrest Healthcare

Explore the many benefits of AskHR

Identify trends and proactively address common issues

Refine, optimize, and automate HR processes

Improve communication and employee experience

Meet various legal and compliance needs

Optimize HR support to drive organizational success

We listen, we support, and we evolve with you. With Netchex, you’re never alone.