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About BK Corrosion

BK Corrosion, LLC is an independent distributor and manufacturer of cathodic protection materials. BK Corrosion needed a payroll and HR company that was better equipped to meet their growing needs, including multi-location payroll, more accurate timekeeping, and trustworthy tax accounting.

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Accurate, Multi-location Payroll

After reaching a breaking point with ADP due to inaccurate tax filings and lack of support, BK Corrosion knew it was time for a change. With Netchex, they were able to shorten the payroll process time, while offering new payroll options to employees and reducing expenses.

“Netchex has taken my stress away. That’s the truth. I wish we would have made the change to Netchex sooner, but they made the transition very easy.”

Improved Timekeeping & Scheduling

With Netchex’s intuitive, user-friendly schedule builder, BK Corrosion has found solice knowing our direct integration with payroll circumvents prior frustrations. Netchex gives managers the ability to easily view and approve employee timesheets, track and approve time off requests, and receive overtime and other time-related notifications to help reduce labor costs.

Netchex Services

  • Payroll & Tax
  • Time & Attendance
  • Onboarding
  • ACA-Central
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Manager Self-Service


Employee onboarding used to be a manual, time consuming, and frustrating task. With Netchex, BK Corrosion is able to streamline the onboarding process for new employees across their locations nationwide. By utilizing NetGuide’s customized dashboards, employee lifecycle alerts, and electronic forms, the team has achieved complete efficiency as it relates to employee onboarding.

“It takes a lot off my plate to give our employees all over the United States the ability to get their laptop and get themselves going in NetGuide. I appreciate Netchex and how they make my life easier.”

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