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About Macon Bank & Trust

With over 100 years of financial service, Macon Bank & Trust Co. has 8 locations serving central Tennessee. As a locally-focused, but growing financial institution, Macon Bank needed a payroll and HR company that could grow with them, while making administrative tasks more efficient.

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A Growing Business

Vice-President Chrissy Smith has been a part of Macon Bank for 25 years and when she moved into a more HR-specific role, Smith knew that if the bank was going to continue to grow, they needed more out of their payroll and HR services.

“The program we used previously worked for a smaller business but we have grown to where it was all just taking too much time. Netchex gave us all that we were looking for.”

Big Service & Technology, Small Biz Feel

Netchex boasts not only top-ranked HR technology, but also highly engaged customer service. Thanks to our professional and proactive approach to service, Netchex has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the HR industry.

“Netchex still has the “small company” feel—not wondering who or where you’ll be speaking with someone when issues arise.”

Netchex Services

  • Payroll & Tax
  • Time & Attendance
  • Onboarding
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Fillable Forms
  • ACT

Easy & Accessible for Everyone

Netchex is easy to use for HR, admins, managers, and employees. Our training and resources are in-depth and highly beneficial. And our mobile app makes things more efficient for today’s on-the-go workforce.

“Having the learning portal available to watch steps on how to complete something has been extremely helpful… Our employees love the app so they can see their pay stubs or check time records whenever they want.”

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