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Brad Stone – I’m a former professional athlete turned business owner. I opened Stone Strength Systems in 2014. I’m married with two kids. My extra-curricular consists of running my business, getting outdoors with my family and anything training related.

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Life Before Netchex

My business started as a business of one. I’ve since brought on employees and had to develop handbooks, order shirts, maintain books and payroll – everything was spread out. The more I grew the more disjointed everything became. The real pain prior to Netchex was payroll tax. I was using an accountant and assumed he was submitting taxes – but he wasn’t. I knew I had to figure something out when we filed taxes and I discovered the accountant never calculated payroll taxes and we had to remit them within 30 days for the entire year. I‘d been approached by ADP and Paychex weekly. I’ve heard horrible things about ADP. Paychex had a sales strategy that didn’t work for me. I chose Netchex because it met my budgetary needs, was transparent in cost and grows with me without switching to different systems. And it’s easy to use.

Netchex Services

  • Payroll
  • Tax Administration
  • Reporting
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Direct Deposit

Life With Netchex

Having one place to manage everything is a huge time saver. We are still small. I still wear a lot of hats, but this has allowed me to be organized and know there are experts at Netchex sitting on the other side ensuring things I quite frankly don’t have time to deal with like calculating payroll taxes are dealt with. I’m backed by experts!

Without Netchex, I would have continued down the same trajectory. The more I grow, the more spread out my back office responsibilities are. When the back office becomes disjointed, mistakes are made, costly mistakes. I started this because I enjoy the core focus of my business. I doubt there is one business owner out there that enjoys back office work, but it’s paramount to running your business. If I can offload and work with a company that allows me to organize that and put time back in my day to focus on growing my business and passion, that’s what I’ll do.

Why You Should Consider Netchex

I would tell anyone to absolutely look at Netchex, especially if you are a newer small business. Don’t try to do it all yourself. There is a reason companies like Netchex exist and for me, they were the right one. Another draw to Netchex is that I can pick up the phone and call a team. I don’t have an HR department and I don’t have time to sit on the phone for an hour with other providers. Netchex can support you and they have the tools and resources to do it effectively.

“Netchex can support you and they have the tools and resources to do it effectively.”
Brad Stone
Business Owner

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