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Netchex now offers integrated workers’ comp insurance!

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Employee Expense Tracking Software

Enhance the way your business handles comprehensive expense management through seamless

payroll integration, automation, and single sign-on functionality with ExpensePath

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Easily submit &
approve expenses

– Save time and effort while ensuring an accurate and timely process – Easy for all users, including employees, managers, and admins – Flexible approval workflows pre-mapped to meet your process and configurations

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Seamless payroll integration

– Comprehensive solution from expense reporting through reimbursement – Simplified processes with no delays and no data transfer issues – Direct integration from within Netchex system to ExpensePath

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Single sign-on environment

– Better overall user experience at every level – Full system experience via mobile app – Quick and free support directly with Netchex

How our Netchex + ExpensePath process works

From expense creation and review to accounting
export and payroll reimbursement

Access ExpensePath directly through Netchex

Employees create and submit their expenses for approval in ExpensePath

Managers approve or decline pending expenses in ExpensePath

Administrators export approved expenses to Netchex

Access ExpensePath directly through Netchex

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The Benefits of Expense Management Integration

Reimbursing employees accurately and on-time is a high priority for employers. Without the right expense management program integration, this process is often more complicated than it needs to be and more susceptible to errors.

Without Netchex + ExpensePath integration

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    Must maintain data in two separate systems

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    Data errors + operational inefficiencies

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    Unclear submission process for employees

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    Complicated approval process for managers

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    Outdated experience

  • With Netchex + ExpensePath integration

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    Streamlines expense management process via single sign-on (desktop + mobile)

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    Direct payroll integration reduces steps in the process + time spent

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    Automatic and accurate data syncs for all employee info

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    Accurate & timely reimbursement of all types of expenses

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    Improved experience reduces employee questions & frustration

  • Customers resoundingly love Netchex
    – year after year

    At Netchex, we understand that the right support can make all the difference—and we have the stats and awards to prove our dedication. Thanks to our highly personalized and proactive approach to service, Netchex has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry across the board.

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    Customer Service Testimonials

    What others have to say about Netchex’s excellent customer service:

    “Everybody always wants to help, and always has a smile on the face. On the times that I have to go pickup payroll because the school’s closed, everyone is just so nice.”

    Nancy Mauti

    HR Support, Cedarwood School

    “Netchex has been fantastic. We enjoy personalized service, we know the people that we deal with, and they bend over backward to get what we need done.”

    Margaret Dethloff

    Payroll Administrator, Merchants and Marine Bank

    “Netchex is wonderful. Everyone has been continuously impressed by the services they provide. Back when the new ACA regulations went into place, and even now with the whole COVID-19 situation, Netchex just continues to knock it out of the park”

    Laura Dickerson,

    HR Director, Magee Financial

    “Netchex has been in the business, and they understand what companies are looking for, what companies need, and they listen to what companies have to say what their needs are. They take care of their employers.”

    Lynn Harris,

    HR Director, American Messaging

    We listen, we support, and we evolve with you. With Netchex, you’re never alone.

    Expense Management Integration FAQs

    • What are the components of the current ExpensePath integration? What features are we adding in these enhancements?

      The current integration with ExpensePath includes the transmission of approved expenses from ExpensePath into Netchex payroll.
      Enhancements include:
      – Single sign-on to desktop and mobile
      – Transmission of employees to ExpensePath to reduce duplicate entry of data
      – Streamlined billing experience

    • What features are we adding to the existing ExpensePath Integration?

      These new enhancements include Single Sign On to desktop and mobile, the transmission of employees to ExpensePath to reduce duplicate entry of data for our clients and a streamlined billing experience.

    • How does this integration work?

      Employees and Managers have a widget on their Netchex dashboard that will take them directly to the User Dashboard in ExpensePath. When in ExpensePath, the employee can submit their expenses for approval and managers can approve or decline pending expenses.

      Administrators have a widget on their Netchex dashboard that will take them directly to the Administrator Dashboard in ExpensePath. When in ExpensePath, the administrator can approve expenses, export approved expenses to Netchex, and manage users’ access to ExpensePath.

    • What does the implementation process look?

      The implementation team will set your company up in ExpensePath and add the company code to the ExpensePath API.

      Adding the company to the ExpensePath API will send all employees over to ExpensePath for the administrator to select which employees will be active in the ExpensePath platform.

    • Who do I contact if I have issues?

      Netchex will be providing first level support for this integration! Please reach out to your implementation team if you need help!

    • Can administrators choose which employees have access to ExpensePath?

      Yes. The Netchex API will send over all active employees to ExpensePath and these employees will populate on the Pending Actions page in the ExpensePath platform. The administrator can select the type of access they’d like to give to each employee – User, Approver, or Administrator in ExpensePath.

      Users are typically employees that should have access to be able to submit expenses for reimbursement.

      Approvers are usually managers that can approve or deny the expenses submitted by the users.

      Administrators can give access to others, approve or deny expenses, and export approved expenses to Netchex.

    • Can employees, managers, and administrators use SSO from both mobile and desktop?

      Yes, SSO is available for both mobile and desktop!

      On a desktop experience, SSO will take the user from Netchex directly to the respective dashboard in ExpensePath.

      From the Netchex mobile app, if the user has the ExpensePath application installed on his/her device already, SSO will take the user from the Netchex app to the ExpensePath application. If the user does not have the ExpensePath application installed, they will be routed to the app store to install it.

    • How will employees, managers and administrators access ExpensePath from Netchex?

      All users will access ExpensePath from a simple widget on their Netchex dashboard. Employees and managers are routed to the User Dashboard. Administrators are routed to the Administrator Dashboard.

    • Are approvers and/or administrators notified when there is an expense pending approval?

      Yes. ExpensePath has an auto-generated email that goes out to approvers when there are expenses pending approval.