Hireology - Netchex

Hireology & Netchex

 Hireology is a hiring and HR platform that empowers decentralized businesses to attract and retain talent, and quickly integrate them with the rest of the organization. 

Netchex supports a bi-directional integration with Hireology, and their all-in-one platform that helps you manage complex hiring and retention challenges. With Netchex and Hireology, you can sync new hire kicks off an employee onboarding experience that is engaging for the new employee, and simple for the administrator. 

Netchex & Hireology


  • Manage the process from hire to retire in an all-in-one solutionĀ 

Reduce HR

  • Clean, timely data with a process that guards consistent application across your organization 

Better Employee Experience

  • All new hires can complete their own paperwork electronically before day oneĀ 

How it works 

 As candidates are sourced and hired in the Hireology platform, send new hire data to Netchex with a single click 

Make your hire within Hireology 

  • Mark candidates as hired and confirm the hire date 

Transfer new hire data to Netchex 

  • Automatically kickoff the onboarding process 

Employee completes paperwork digitally 

  • Simple workflow steps the employee through tax forms, training videos, etc.with no administrative involvement 

Manage all Payroll/HR processes 

  • Time & Attendance, Payroll, Benefits Administration, Reporting 

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