Netchex Operating With Second Location in Dallas | Netchex

In the last year, Netchex saw growth not only in its revenue, clients and employees, but also in the scope of its operations. Netchex is proud to announce it has developed a fully functional second office in Dallas, Texas.

The secondary facility marks a significant step for Netchex both in terms of expansion to a new market and value added to its current client service.

“Dallas is a great market to grow our solutions,” said Paul Schock, Director of Operations. “Added to that, we now have the benefit of an operational backup for service to our client base.”
With the unpredictable forces of nature that Southern Louisiana residents are faced with each year, having another office in Dallas is priceless, said Dallas regional manager of sales Aaron Travis.

“When Hurricane Katrina came through, we had to use a smaller office in Monroe to support our operations,” Travis said. “Since we have grown significantly since 2005, we needed a more substantial facility to support our base. The Dallas office is the answer. It’s set up to where if we ever need to evacuate, we have everything we need right here. We can move key personnel from Mandeville to Dallas and continue our operations uninterrupted.”

Travis said clients in the Dallas area are also receiving the added bonus of a second level of service from the regional sales team. Their determination to offer quality service to their clients gets the complementary expertise of a dedicated service team in the Mandeville office.

“Our clients are getting two levels of service – the certified representatives in Mandeville and the boots on the ground team in Dallas,” Travis said. “We are focusing on making sure our clients are seeing our representatives face-to-face on a regular basis for educational and service needs.”

The momentum in Dallas is only continuing. The regional office is consistently adding to its sales force to maintain the demand for service in that area.

“Netchex has really made an impact in Dallas,” Travis said. “More and more companies are seeing the value of partnering with Netchex.”