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State-of-the-art fingerprint reader with easy-to-read display, 10 keys for entering the pin number, and 8 function keys. This option allows you to prevent buddy punching with simple 2-factor authentication. The clock also has an internal battery to keep the clock online for up to an hour during a power outage, full ethernet capability, and PoE 

  • Full Payment: $1,899
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty: $360
  • Rental: $100/Month
  • Wifi is not available


Proximity card reader with easy-to-read display, 10 keys for entering the pin number, 8 function keys, ethernet capabilities, and PoE. Best suited for those who currently use proximity cards for another purpose such as access control. 

  • Full Payment: $1,299 – No Rental Option Available 
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty: $250
  • There are many types of proximity readers. To ensure your cards will work, please send one of your proximity cards to Netchex to test and ensure that it will work correctly prior to purchasing.
  • Wifi is not available


A barcode type -39 reader with an easy-to-read display, 10 keys for entering the pin number, 8 function keys, ethernet capabilities, and PoE. 

  • Full Payment: $1,099 
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty: $200 
  • Rental: $60/Month 
  • Netchex provides 50 cards with initial shipping of the clock, and every card after that is $2/each with a $20 shipping charge. 
  • If an employee leaves a company, each card has a unique number that can be re-assigned to a different employee. All punch history will stay with the inactive employee, but the card will track punches for the new employee. 
  • Wifi is not available

* Note: Shipping for repairs/loaners will be at the cost of the Client.


  • Can I Still User Other Clock Options?

    Yes, employees can be set up to use both a physical time clock and web punch. You can also limit them to one or the other. This will depend on the terminal group setup.

  • Can I limit employees to specific clocks if I have multiple clocks?

    Yes, this will be done by setting up a terminal group per clock and adding only the employees you want to use that specific clock.

  • Does the clock have a warranty?

    Yes – they come standard with a 1-year manufacturing warranty. We also offer an optional additional 2-year. Pricing can be found on the ordering page.

  • What does the warranty cover?

    The warranty covers any manufacturing defects and internal parts. If you purchase a Biometric clock, the finger reader is NOT covered. This is because it can be damaged on purpose. Yes, we have had it happen.

  • What if I need my clock repaired?

    If is it determined the clock needs to be repaired after troubleshooting with our service team, you will ship the clock to Netchex. Clocks can be repaired with or without an active warranty. The Netchex team will handle the repair process. We will get your approval before any repairs are completed if there will be fees.
    If you are renting a clock, you will receive a replacement within 48 hours of it being determined that a replacement is needed.
    ** Do Not send keys or power cords with clocks that are being sent in for repair. ** There will be a $25 shipping fee to return these items.

  • Can I use a different hardware clock?

    If you find Netchex hardware clocks elsewhere, do not purchase them! While many companies use the same manufacturer as we do, there are components customized for Netchex compatibility, and other clocks won’t be able to communicate with our system.

  • What’s the shipping process?

    For new clock orders, the shipping is free. The lead is 4-6 weeks. This includes the time for the Netchex to receive the clock, prepare the clock in your company, and ship it to you. Expedited shipping can be added, this will reduce this to 2-3 weeks.
    If you are renting a clock, it will ship as soon as we can complete the setup in your company.

  • Do I have to have a hardware clock to use the Netchex Time and Attendance module?

    No, we also offer web punch. This can be done by logging in on your web browser.

  • Do I need an internet connection for the time clock?

    Yes, the time clock will send punch data to the employee’s timecard using an internet connection. More details will be after placing an order.

  • Can I reuse swipe clock badges?

    Yes, you can reuse a card once that card number is removed from the employee that had it before.

  • Can I print my own cards?

    Yes, please reach out to your service team to get the template required for the barcode to work correctly.

  • Do I have to use a card or what happens if the employee forgets/loses the card?

    The employee can manually type the card number in. If you choose to not use cards you are free to set the badge number to any number as long as each employee is unique.

  • Can I stop using the biometric feature of the clock?

    Yes, you can have the reader turned off for an individual person or for all people using the clock.

  • Can I use one clock for multiple companies?

    Yes, we can accommodate this use case. The only thing to keep in mind is that all employees across both companies will need a unique badge number.