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Clock Types & Pricing


state-of-the-art fingerprint reader with an internal battery to keep the clock online up to an hour during a power outage, full ethernet capability and card reader.

  • Full Payment: $1,899
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty: $360
  • Rental: $100/Month


proximity card reader with Ethernet capabilities. Best suited for those who currently use proximity cards, as you may need some additional equipment to maintain proximity cards.

  • Full Payment: $1,299 – No Rental Option Available 
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty: $250
  • There are many types of proximity readers. To ensure your cards will work, please send one of your proximity cards to Netchex to test and ensure that it will work correctly prior to purchasing.


ethernet-capable clock with a slot for a barcode-printed badge to be swiped, or the employee’s badge number to be pressed manually on the keypad (if you choose manual, you can assign numbers and have employees key their employee ID into the terminal to record the punch)

  • Full Payment: $1,099
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty: $200
  • Rental: $60/Month
  • Netchex provides 50 cards with initial shipping of the clock, and every card after that is $2/each with $20 shipping charge.
  • If an employee leaves a company, each card has a unique number that can be re-assigned to a different employee. All punch history will stay with the inactive employee, but the card will track punches for the new employee.

* Note: Shipping for repairs/loaners will be at the cost of the Client.

Order Hardware Clocks

  • Note: Proximity Clocks are not available to rent, and must be paid outright in full.
  • Expedited delivery is $150 per clock


  • Can I Still User Other Clock Options?
    If you order hardware clocks, you don’t lose the option for employees to punch in via the web or smart phone. Choose any combination of clock types and determine which clocks (or group of clocks) specific employees are allowed to use.
  • Is There a Warranty?
    All new clocks come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. This does not cover damage to the clock, but does cover manufacturer defects. Additional 2-year warranties can be purchased at the time of your original purchas (see pricing above)
  • What If I Need a Repair?
    If clocks are outside of their warranty, they can still be repaired. The clock manufacturer will conduct repairs, but Netchex facilitates the process. Contact your Netchex service team to initiate clock repairs.* Loaners are supplied if inventory allows.
  • Can I Use Different Hardware Clocks?
    If you find Netchex hardware clocks elsewhere, do not purchase them! While many companies use the same manufacturer as we do, there are components customized for Netchex compatibility, and other clocks won’t be able to communicate with our system.
  • What’s the Shipping Process?
    The normal shipping cost of hardware clocks is included in the clock cost. There is no shipping cost on the order forms. Current expected wait time for clock orders is 4-6 weeks, and expedited is 2-3 weeks with build and ship. This is not needed for rentals.