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Coronavirus and Beyond: Communicating with Remote Employees During COVID-19

Now more than ever, employees are looking for health and well-being support from their employers. As COVID-19 spreads increasingly across the globe and throughout the United States, employees are wanting more information. They’re living with uncertainty. Employers and HR need to be agile and responsive. As you adjust your management style, communicating with remote employees […]

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Why Paid Sick Leave Is Becoming More Popular

June 18, 2018 Written by the HR Pros We’ve all seen it—one of our employees has a bad cold, maybe even the flu, but they come to work anyway. In some cases, the employee has the option of taking time off, and you’d prefer they do so, but still, they show up, putting everyone in […]

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Observe National Life Insurance Day with Netchex

May 2, 2018 Every year on May 2nd, the US observes National Life Insurance Day (#LifeInsuranceDay) – a lesser known holiday than say Christmas, but one with a great deal of importance. On May 2nd in the late 1760s, the purchase of life insurance became a reality in the US. This signified relief for many […]

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