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The Future of Work is Here: Netchex Unveils Industry-First AI Solution for HR

Imagine a world where HR operates 24/7/365, providing instant and accurate guidance to employees – even outside of business hours or when HR representatives are unavailable. This science fiction scenario is becoming a reality with Netchex’s groundbreaking AI solution, Netchex AI, integrated seamlessly with our AskHR helpdesk platform. Netchex AI marks a significant leap in […]

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Key Ingredients Needed for Restaurant Payroll Software

Your restaurant needs payroll software. In fact, restaurant payroll software is just as important as your menu and a good location. Restaurant payroll software simplifies some of the biggest challenges in the food service industry, including streamlining and automating the calculations for overtime, tips, and seasonal hiring. Simple mistakes can cause compliance issues, disgruntled staff, […]

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Tips for Attending an HR Conference

When the pandemic hit, so many things were closed or canceled . Whatever could be, went virtual. After two hectic years of false starts, things are finally starting to get back to normal, including work and conferences going back to in-person. Most notably, the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) annual conference recently held in […]

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