7 Dos and Don’ts of Employee Evaluations | Netchex Hiring Software
November 28, 2017

A common misconception is that performance reviews are only conducted to assess pay increases. However, these evaluations are critical to the success of a business and should be held multiple times throughout a fiscal year. This ensures productivity continues to increase, and employee morale remains high.

  • DON’T spring it on employees. DO give them advanced notice.It’s important that your team has time to research and prepare for performance evaluations. You may want them to come with statistics, objectives, and their own personal evaluations as discussion points in the review.
  • DON’T have a “stranger” conduct the review. DO make sure this person has day to day contact and is familiar with the employee’s work. It’s counterproductive to have a manager or member of HR conduct a performance review if they aren’t familiar with an employee’s work or contribution. At least one manager should be present at their direct report’s evaluation.
  • DON’T make it single sided. DO make sure a performance reviews are a two-way street. Evaluations should be a collaborative effort. Only then will you make progress towards working at a shared goal. Make sure the manager isn’t the one doing all the talking and the employee has a chance to be heard.
  • DON’T be hostile. DO use constructive criticism and be open minded. You can’t change personalities, but you can focus on ways to improve work environment. These evaluations should be a chance to make progress by sharing and exchanging ideas, concerns, and areas that require improvement. Negativity will only be a setback. Focus on positive reinforcement to get the job done.
  • DON’T make comparisons. DO treat each employee as an individual. No two employees are alike, though they may be equally as valuable. Comparing one colleague to another can have adverse effects and cause disruption in a collaborative workforce. Recognize the unique strengths in all your team members and avoid referring to other employees to keep the focus on the person in the room.
  • DON’T walk out without an action plan in place. DO follow up to ensure progress. Constructive criticisms and performance evals are only as effective as the action items that are followed through. The purpose of these reviews is to increase productivity and foster a more cohesive workplace. Once an evaluation is complete, both manager and employee should have a set of goals needing to be achieved or work towards before the next review.
  • DON’T fail to track performance. DO have the analytics in place before an evaluation. If you can’t gauge progress than why even bother with an evaluation process? Having an HCM system that helps with benchmarking performance and keeps a central repository of reviews, goals, and action plans for each employee is essential to tracking progress.

Performance reviews and employee evaluations don’t have to be tedious. Both manager and team members should have open communication and want to evolve with the company. This can only be achieved by benchmarking performance and seeing improvement.

Netchex HCM solutions includes employee performance management tools and intelligent analytics to gauge growth by an individual team member, throughout entire teams, and as a whole company. Our complete suite of HR resources includes employee databases that can help you evaluate productivity, and provide a transparent view of progress throughout an employee lifecycle.

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