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Don’t Skip These Hiring Steps: Background Checks & References

Many employers are unsure how to handle applicant references and background checks—or whether they are worth the hassle. Too many business owners believe that these steps in the hiring process are too expensive or time-consuming. Unfortunately, honesty and forwardness are not guaranteed with job applicants and resumes. Background checks offer one big way to improve […]

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Recruiting and Hiring Tips to Ensure You Make the Right Hire

How do you find and make the best new hire for your company? A question that has driven HR professionals and recruiters throughout their careers. Surely, there must be a few tested and trusted recruiting and hiring tips. Well, you’re in luck because there are.   First, you have to attract the right job seekers. When […]

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Job Interview Tips to Enhance Your Hiring Process

The hiring process is certainly multi-faceted. From recruiting best practices to recruitment marketing, so much goes into the process. It all culminates with the interview (well, not really, you still have to make your final decision and onboard your new hire). Thankfully, we’ve got some interview tips to help ensure you make the right hire. […]

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Recruitment Marketing is the Missing Piece of Your Recruiting Strategy

Employees are a business’ most important asset. Recruiting the best talent is critical to the success of your organization. Despite this, companies no longer have all of the power when it comes to hiring.  Boosted by expanding budgets, greater transparency, and unique employee benefits offerings, the recruiting world has evolved into a cutthroat, candidate-driven market. […]

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Recruiting Best Practices: Improve Your Hiring Process and Land Top Candidates

Recruiting is an ever-evolving process. Finding exceptionable candidates can be like trying to hit a moving target. How should HR and recruiting managers handle this daunting, but essential task? Here are our recruiting best practices to improve your process and land top candidates.  Set and manage candidate expectations Establishing an open and honest line of communication […]

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Making The Case For Continuous Background Checks

November 26, 2018 The July announcement from Uber of running continuous background checks for its workforce of drivers is triggering other companies to consider the same. Based on the onslaught of negative press that Uber and other on-demand car riding services have received in terms of misconduct, it makes perfect sense that they would pursue […]

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Prepare Yourself: Holiday Recruiting in Tight Market

October 19, 2018 Fun Fact: retail companies, such as Kohl’s and J.C. Penney department stores, started holiday hire recruitment efforts as far back as August, and the number of hires has doubled since last year. In fact, prominent job site Indeed had almost 1 million holiday jobs posted as of mid August. The factors driving […]

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Peak Performance: The Employee Who Always Gets it Right

October 16, 2018 Disclaimer: This is the story about a girl named Lucky (kidding). This is our second blog in a special Employee Behavior series inspired by our / the Netchex Marketing team’s group Halloween costume: the Life Stages of Britney Spears. Click here to visit the first. We hope you enjoy. Superstar employees are […]

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